News Vancouver- home of the first crackpipe vending machines

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Shadow, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. In an effort to curb the spread of disease among drug users, Vancouver has become home to Canada's very first crackpipe vending machines.

    Installed on the city's Downtown Eastside, the machines offer Pyrex crackpipes for only 25 cents.

    'For us this was about increasing access to safer inhalation supplies in Downtown Eastside,' said Kailin See, the director of the DURC.
    Bargain: Addiction specialists say crackpipe machines could save taxpayers thousands in medical costs by curbing disease rates
    Durable: As the pipes are less likely to break they're less likely to cut a user's mouth, potentially exposing them to HIV or hepatitis

    See told CTV Vancouver the pipes are durable and less likely to cut a user's mouth, meaning the communicable diseases like HIV and hepatatis C will have a harder time spreading.

    Two of the machines are operated by Portland Hotel Society's Drug Users Resource Centre.

    The vending machines are part of a larger effort to curb harm in drug users overseen by InSite, the only medically supervised safe injection site in North America. InSite, also located on Downtown Eastside, is in the neighborhood many call Canada's 'poorest postal code.'

    InsSite is no stranger to controversy since opening a decade ago. Up to 800 people use the site's services every day.

    Federal officials attempted to shut them down in 2008, but the Supreme Court of Canada found the facility was exempt under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

    Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney said he disagrees with InSite's mission only supporting treatments that end drug use entirely and 'limiting access to drug paraphernalia.'

    'Drug use damages the health of individuals and the safety of our communities,' he said. 'We believe law enforcement should enforce the law.'

    InSite argues that studies have shown harm reduction strategies lead to overall decreases in the infectious disease rates and make addicts more likely to get treatment by introducing them to health professionals.

    'This is one piece of a larger puzzle,' See said. 'You have to have treatment, you have to have detox, you have to have safe spaces to use your drug of choice, and you have to have safe and clean supplies.'

    See argued that as every new HIV or hepatitis case could cost taxpayers up to $250,000 in medical treatment a mere 25 cents for a new pipe was a bargain.

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  2. 25 cent crackpipes? Just another reason to move to Canada.

    also, did CM Punk ask you to post this for him? Be honest, its right up his alley.
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    Is crack and drug paraphernalia such as these pipes legal in Canada now? Seems like a stupid question but I am genuinely confused by this.

    I see the good in it but also see an increase in crack smoking happening now that a pipe is easily accessible.
  4. I never tried crack before but after watching Wolf Of Wall Street... I want to.
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  5. Pipes aren't illegal until they have residue from crack in them, but crack is surely still illegal lol. I don't see how it would cause an increase in use either. I don't think many people are standing around with loads of crack like "damn... if only I Had a pipe!"
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  6. Smartass lol... What I was saying is... ok, in the video they said that crack pipes, before the vending machines, would cost upwards of $10... so now a crack addict can take that $10 and buy crack and then spend a quarter on the pipe.... therefore more crack smoking will occur.... I've got a headache now.. maybe I need to go smoke some. lol

    and in the original post I meant to say smoking not smokers.. going to edit so it makes more sense.
  7. there are plenty of ways to smoke crack. not that I've tried, I stick to my trusty crackpipe
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  8. Norway runs a similar system. Only they have like med stations were heroin addicts can bring their own heroin and get it injected with a clean needle. To reduce the amount of disease among heroin users.

    Haven't seen any results from it though.
  9. I'm pretty sure crack costs more than $10. To your point though crack heads area gonna get their crack one way or another, by providing them cheap safe pipes to use it takes the burden off of the health care system caused by crackheads sharing broken pipes and getting sick.
  10. I have no clue how much crack costs lol.... but as I said in my original post I do understand the good coming from it.. so, yeah, I agree with you.
  11. Watched that movie last night. "How do you survive in this business, with hookers and cocaine."
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  12. Cocaine and crack isn't the same thing, lol.
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