Varsity Championship Wrestling: An feedback and interest check

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Sam?!, Sep 3, 2016.

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    For a long time I have been a member of WWE games leagues because I love wrestling, I love cutting promos and I love putting together good matches. However, I have a major crutch being that I'm not a naturally cutthroat competitive kind of guy. I give people grace and I play a little too fair. My favourite part of the leagues is the storytelling, and, unlike an E-Fed when you work hard it feels more of an achievement because a great 2k match is a physical piece of evidence to remind you of that. But like I said, I'm not competitive enough in terms of wanting to win no matter what. This was where the idea of Varsity Championship Wrestling came to me. What if you could merge the excitement of a well put together and entertaining match on a WWE video game to tell a story with the fairness of a well run E-Fed? That is what I aim to achieve with VCW. This thread is to get feedback on who would be interested in this idea and to understand what you would want out of me as a 'GM' in effect. Before I go any further, I'd like to explain my idea in detail so you can scrutinise it, please, I want genuine feedback on this:

    VCW would function essentially as an E-Fed. The creative team would be in charge of putting match cards together, the competitors would then cut a promo each (With a word count guideline tbd) and their promos would be judged by the creative team who would then decide how to book the match in a way that fairly reflects the promo levels. After this, the matches would be played out on WWE 2k with the booking suggestions in mind. The matches would be played by members of the booking team, to ensure that no results are spoiled.

    Now, I move on to my promises if you join VCW. My first, and most important promise is that NOBODY will be forgotten about. I plan to run this in a way that is balanced. I promise not to have personal bias because I will ensure that I pick a diverse creative team, not people I'm best buds with. I also promise that every character will be going somewhere, if a promo is 50/50, the loser will by no means feel like they are a loser, they will be booked fairly and will not just be left at the wayside. I promise that if you have a problem with the booking, I am easily approachable and will discuss any ideas anyone has. Those are my personal promises to anyone who decides to join VCW and help us grow.

    In short: An E-Fed where the matches are played in 2k instead of written down

    Thanks for reading, going to tag some people who might be interested:

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  2. I realise I put an instead of a, I put interest and feedback the wrong way round haha
  3. I'd be interested man, I much prefer the storytelling part instead of competitive and I honestly kind of feel like our opinions don't matter in the league considering the situation that's going down right now and I'm interested to compete or help run it or anything like that.
  4. When you have no idea why Sam tried to tag you..

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  5. It was an olive branch or something idk, you like e-fedding, you stalk around the league. It made sense to me.
  6. Ah, great, hopefully more people will be interested once they get the idea. Biggest problem with it isn't the idea, but the personal beefs people have with me as well as people not wantin to piss off certain people...
  7. Good luck with this E-Fed thing. Not sure if it will go anywhere considering the forum has IWT which is up there and the WWE game leagues

    Not sure if that's pointing at me but I couldn't care less. Maybe people just don't want to sign up? The fact people have to play WWE2K16 will piss a lot of people off considering it isn't competitive but pre booked. If anything you should just go with the E-Fed and play the matches yourself.
  8. I don't even have the game tho
  9. You don't need it, like Frosty said, the best idea is probably to do it as an E-Fed with the matches playing out on 2k in a similar fashion to how normal feds have people write out their matches.
  10. You need to make that more clear in the first post. I will join if enough people sign up. I'm working lots of E-feds at the moment
  11. Well, this is just to see if any people are interested, if I get enough feedback there'll be a sign up thread which (in theory) will attract attention as people see "sign up thread" and give it a look. I'd probably look for about 8 people to be interested, as then we can put a small show together to prove that the idea works and hope people give it a chance. The reason I am going to add a length limit to the promos is for the exact reason that IWT is here and people are in various feds. It keeps the peomos concise and to the point, which means people are more likely to read it.
  12. Thanks Frosty! Now we mustn't be egotistical, I was referring to personal issues I've had with members of this forum in the past that I have tried to bury the hatchet with so I hope they would give this a chance.
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