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  1. Without giving away any specific spoilers my buddy was at the tapings for some of the June shows of NXT and there looked to be a New Tag Team that after hearing about personally I feel will be a nice addition to the pretty weak division.

    Aiden English and Simon Gotch have formed a tag team called "Vaudevillains".. I had heard some earlier reports about Aiden English possibly getting floated over to the tag team division and I like the move because personally I think he's a bit irrelevant in the singles division yet still people want to see him and he could make a good tag partner.

    It looks like they will be around for at least a few months from what my buddy said he was hearing from some people who were sitting next to them in the crowd. Do you guys think they will be a good addition to the less than spectacular NXT Tag Team Division at the moment?
  2. Haven't seen Gotch, but hey, English's deal is the gimmick, so as long as he keeps doing it, fine. He's not that type of guy whose matches blow you away or who you just wanna see succeed as a main eventer (at least not yet), so trying him out in a tag team (as noted, in a division that surely could use a new team or two) is alright.
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  3. I've only seen an indy match when he was Ryan Drago, but the term vaudeville is a reference to like satyre performers like slapstick comedy, humorous renditions of classic songs, burlesque, circus freaks really any odd sort of entertainment so Aiden's gimmick is perfect.

    Simon Gotch's look is just perfect to compliment Aiden in his team.
  4. Oh, I remember this guy now. I'm pretty sure he was a job guy in some recent NXT, I knew I had heard Simon Gotch but just wasn't able to remember who he was. Yeah, as far as his look goes, perfect. Great mustache.
  5. Anyone else but me diggin this team? Would have been perfect for Sandow, maybe something if they keep the team and go up. Seems a little too much comedy at the moment and could seriously dent the Ascension, but they finally have something for Aiden English to do.

    Also that Stash

  6. Yep, they're pretty entertaining. Sandow would definitely fit this team nicely!
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  9. Done, and the Vaudevillians have been really amusing. The two work really well together and I can see them taking the titles from The Ascension whenever they're about to be called up.
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  10. Definitely seem like quality contenders for the tag titles. they did a good job with this team.
  11. Quality contenders but I still wanna see Kalisto & El Local
  12. My opinion is that they will (Vaudevillains and Kalisto and El Locale) go back and forth for a bit, until Kalisto gets a little more recognition, cuz he's solid.. He'll be a good tag mate for Hunicara or even solo singles by himself.
  13. Better than having Aiden English as a singles competitor. I like it.
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  14. I have always been a fan of Aiden English, whether it was his singing entrance.."Double U...Double U...EEEEEE!" or his in ring style of wrestling. This is a great tag team given WWE's current standard of tag teams and the PG Era. I just think Gotch is already more over than the established Aiden English, am I wrong?
  15. Love the old school traveling entertainers angle they are doing here. That video filter and music lol. That's a wrap-nice little tag finisher. Rolling senton followed by a second rope swanton right?
  16. Put your dukes up, lads.
  17. Fisticuffs anyone?
  18. I was a fan of the Bushwhackers. As long as the fans have fun (and not act disgraceful) I'm fine with this.
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