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  1. Earlier word came out that the Venom spin-off to the Amazing Spiderman series o f movies that are being done currently changed it's movie title name.. The movie which is slated out come out in 2017 is said to have been renamed to "Venom Carnage".. personally I think that title will be changed again into something a little... not stupid? kind of like they did with Batman/Superman movie with changing the title a few times..
    Anyway back to the Venom & Carnage spin-off.. It has been stated that this movie is going to be a very dark one, which damn straight it should be dark as shit.. it will be a lot darker than the Amazing Spiderman movies are currently. The only problem I have (which I know can't be dealt with simply because of the young audience money these movies make) is that I highly doubt it will be rated R.. an R rating on the movie would be the icing on top of the cake as far as a good story presentation involving Carnage would go.. The guy is just severely fucked up and in turn gets vicious and violent with his massive crimes of murder.. oh well dreams are dreams I suppose.

    I am pumped though that they are definitely planning on including Carnage into the series though, I mean he was in The Amazing Spiderman 2 video game and all but I've always wanted to see that beautiful bastard on the big screen!

  2. As long as they don't fuck up the casting. That 70s show guy as Venom is one of the biggest casting disappointments ever. I know it's a rebooted series but I still hate the choice of Jamie Foxx as electro.
  3. Yeah they done did fucked up, I still don't have any clue what they're planning for Venom.. I mean there was some talks that Flash Thompson may be Venom in this rebooted series.. which technically happened but still I would rather have them do a proper Eddie Brock..

    So far though you're right those are two of the biggest miscasts in the Marvel Universe, even if it was technically Sony.
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