Ventrilo Harassment Pranks

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  1. Not sure how many of you have seen these or even heard of the program being used itself but a few years back there were some videos made involving soundboards and a program called Ventrilo.

    Ventrilo is a program used for private communications via headset/microphone across computers.

    I used to use it for my Clan in Counter-Strike and a game called DotA (Warcraft 3 Map).

    The gist of the videos involve some dude using various soundboards and invading people's ventrilo channels and straight harassing them until he gets banned.

    This is by far the best one I've seen, it involves a Duke Nukem Soundboard:

    i'm not sure the soundboard used on this one but it was really funny as well:

    If you search around there's several others I think like 10 or 15 the World of Warcraft one is pretty funny as well.

    "+4 Strength, +4 stam leather belt" lol.
  2. I've never seen the point in using a soundboard to make people mad or rage at you. It gets some humor across, but it doesn't necessarily accomplish the original objective effectively. I usually find more humor in micspamming, but that's just me.
  3. Yeah I get that, makes some sense. In my eyes what makes soundboard harassment amusing is when people have no idea what the soundboard being used is from so they have no clue they are being pranked horribad.
  4. Fair point in that sense, does kinda come outta nowhere. Iunno, maybe it's personal preference but when I hear someone randomly playing either unfitting or obnoxious music, it incites more of a negative reaction that using a soundboard would. Sometimes even a more humorous reaction.
  5. Oh no doubt that incites more of a reaction! I love blasting shitty dubstep on the 360 kinect mic that picks up like every little thing and listening to all the kids cryyy about it.

    It probably is just personal preference haha; For the most part I enjoy when the people try to have conversations with the soundboards it makes them sound so foolish from an outsider's perspective listening in.

    Out of both types of mic harassment the best ones I've heard in person have been on the game Team Fortress 2 and they were straight mic spams.
  6. TF2, GMOD, or CSS/CS GO micspamming is easily the best way to do it. I still actively do it, but only when I feel like it or on a server I hate. Best part is I can easily switch through songs like nothing, so it makes it have much more of a variety.
  7. I miss CS 1.5 & 1.6 :emoji_slight_frown: not a fan of Source or Global Offensive tbh.

    I do like GO on the 360; just wish it had more server support :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. Source and GO are better imo. More mods, and smoother gameplay. GO is only good on the PC, especially considering how in GO it takes much more effort to aim and shoot, which get you kills instead of just wildly spraying.
  9. Now this is something I remember back in the day, sharpy!
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  10. I have always found it funny when the soundboard is someone famous and the person arguing with it doesn't recognize the voice. For example how are you not going to recognize Samuel L. Jackson's voice when you hear it? Call me funny but I would consider his voice pretty unique and easy to recognize when a person heard it.
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  11. This guy gets it! ^
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  12. Even Duke Nukem should be recognizeable to a large majority of the population who has been kept somewhat current since what the late 90s?
    When the person in the 'Balls of Steel' video kept trying to talk back it was f**king hilarious!
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