Vermilion City Pikachus

Discussion in 'Pokemon Showdown League' started by Extraterrestrial, Nov 4, 2015.

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    Vermilion City Pikachus
    Coach: deth
    PS username: VCityPikachus

    I'm deth and I'm the coach of the Vermilion City Pikachus. I'm going to keep this short and simple. I'm not only here to win, I'm here to destroy and embarrass every single team. Good luck.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -> Brady (Scizor), Bulma (Manaphy), Titti (Latias), Crowley (Salamence), Clifford (Entei), Brutus (Mamoswine)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -> Butters (Jolteon), Ugly (Seismitoad), Herb (Virizion), Melissa (Mismagius), Ruth (Granbull), Dick (Ditto)

    5-0 vs Aurora Suicunes (replay)
    1-0 vs. Haverford Honchcrows (replay)
    1-0 vs. New Jersey Electabuzz (replay)
    5-0 vs. Cardiff CIty Charizards (replay)
    3-0 vs Rustboro Rayquazas (No replay available *check page 5)
    6-0 vs Bronx Beldums (replay)

    Season stats:
    Kills: Manaphy (9), Latias (6), Mamoswine (5), Salamence (4), Entei (4), Virizion (4), Seismitoad (2), Jolteon (1), MIsmagius (1)

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    WEEK 1

    Our first opponent of the season are the Aurora Suicunes. I already started preparing for this team a few days ago, so I've been ready.

    Show Spoiler
    OU replay: Thyst vs. VCityPikachus - Pokémon Showdown

    Kills: Manaphy (6)
    Deaths: Mamoswine (1)

    Show Spoiler
    So Manaphy has started off the season with SIX kills. MVP here we come.


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  3. Our opponent for week 2 will be the HAVERFORD HONCHKROWS (@Runebane33) . The coaching staff (myself) and I are discussing how to go about this game. We'll definitely be scouting his upcoming battle.
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  4. I like the role playing you did here. :cesaro:
  5. You're on my hit list.
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  6. :urm:
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  7. I like this, everyone should do it.
  8. *le wild reporter appears*

    So, deth... who poses the biggest threat to your Vermilion City Pikachus?

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  9. Beldums are scary because of Zard X and there's also a lot of speed on the team.
    Zach's team is pretty fast too. And very offensive.
    Nick's team. Metagross, Thundurus and Clef :brock:

    Your team is kind of like my team. Bulky but can also hit hard. So that's kinda scary.
  10. I was up against a Clefable yesterday, I stupidly let it set up to get +4 in everything minus speed. Still won. :dealwithit:
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  11. Do we have to do this?
    bcuz tbh idek how
  12. No. But your own thread with your results is a good idea for organization.
  13. Yeah tru
  14. Either way, saving your battles and/or taking notes on who kills who allows me to continue the MVP thread.
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  15. Should put "my" in front of Ditto's name to make the play-by-play text funny. lolol
  16. I've already made 'rough draft' teams for my next 4 opponents. I'll probably end up editing them a bit after scouting and such, but yeah, I'm ready to decapitate this league.
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  17. I have no idea how imma deal with ur manaphy...
  18. I'm not bringing it.
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  19. wat....
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  20. WHAT?

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