Very dead crowd for Orton?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. So I noticed this last night during RAW and after rewatching the segment it seems my ears weren't playing tricks on me. I sat through it with both headphones and speakers to double check and the crowd was surprisingly silent for Orton. And he tends to be popular in Cali. It wasn't that they booed him or anything like that. It seemed to be mostly just silence.

    Was I the only one who noticed this?
  2. Bore-ton.
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  3. I noticed it, Maybe the casuals dont know what to think, Maybe they are still on edge with him.
  4. Well his promo was pretty shit. There was nothing to it. Nothing to cheer or jeer.
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  5. Yeah. Have fucking character Orton for fucks sake.
  6. I noticed that as well. He seemed to be very over as a face but the crowd wasn't into him last night. I wonder if that's the reaction he'll get in other venues since the crowd overall seemed very energetic and involved during last night's Raw.
  7. Crowd was way more silent during the Miz's entrance and match. Warmed my heart. :happy:
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  8. Meh, not impressed tbh. It's Randy fucking Orton, but when something is boring you go to sleep.
  9. I took the silence as a good thing when he was making his entrance. They weren't cheering for him, which was a good sign. But that was when he was coming to the ring. I forgot the reaction he got when he was talking, but he only spoke for a small bit so it's hard to judge. It could be that the main heat has been transferred to HHH and the McMahons, and meanwhile the fans, who previously loved Orton, still don't know what to think (as someone mentioned.) I wouldn't take it as a bad sign just yet.
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  10. Most people aren't sure what to think of Orton right now.

    Give him time to get more corporate, give him time to kiss more HHH ass....the boos will come, I'm sure.
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  11. I think you're overreacting. It'll take time for this mega over face to sink into his new corporate role. Plus, there was a lot of booing/cheering prior to that. Heat will come for Orton.
  12. I think that the mentality of the people is that "Hey, HHH screwed over Daniel!", not Orton. Personally, I can't even feel the heel turn because of the mentality. "Orton just did what he did - he took advantage"
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  13. I think people are still on the fence what to think about Orton going heel, so eventually Orton will get the full boos in this feud, especially if he starts letting others fight his own battle for him.
  14. The dead was pretty dead for him until he said that they should stand up and applaud Triple H. That was the only thing he said all night that was really worth booing. Plus, he finished with RKOing Bryan so I'm sure that he'll be getting booed next week and in the week's coming now that he's emphatically sealed the heel turn.
  15. How do you blow your chance? You've been begging for this moment for 3.5 years and THAT'S the ammo you had in your tank?

    Thank you for being Uninspired...thank you for being Uncool... thank you for Unfunny

    You're the only dude in wrestling right now, wearing a beard that deserves that Triple U

  16. I honestly don't know if you're talking about Orton, Triple H or Bryan. Either way, it's unjustified to bash whoever it is so hard.
  17. The thread was dedicated to Orton and the rant was completely justified in my eyes considering he did nothing to change his character from the past 3.5 years.
  18. well tbh there was so much going on that i think Orton kinda got lost in the mix, the next couple of weeks will make or break him as a heel for most fans, if he finds the legend killer attitude again then he will be a great heel, if he fails to do that, then he will fail big time, as thats what most of us want from the Randy heel turn, he could be an amazing heel as we all know, but to judge on one night when so much else was happening is hard to call
  19. That crowd surprisingly disappointed me. It was alright at first. But constant attempts to replicate the Raw post-mania crowd just didn't get me into it. Not forgetting that they were dead during most segments.
    He didn't get the boos you'd expect him to get probably because it was only one night removed SS, and people were probably still a bit confused with Orton as Scarlette mentioned on this thread. But in due time, Orton will get the boos.
  20. Well, he's just turned, he was really over and changed his character now so yeah, it'll take a while for him to get heat. But it's not a big problem.
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