Very Good Ratings Again For The 1/24 IMPACT

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. TNA Impact on Thursday, January 24 officially scored a 1.17 (1.2) rating, essentially even with last week's 1.16 rating.

    It's the highest rating in the new timeslot and, coincidentally, the highest rating since the same week in 2012 when the Jan. 26 episode scored a 1.17 rating.

    Impact scored a 1.08 first hour rating (vs. 1.07 last week) and 1.26 second hour rating (vs. 1.25 rating last week).

    IMPACT was watched just slighty under 1, 6 million viewers, esentially the same as the last week's Wedding IMPACT, which means the viewers were into the storyline(s).
  2. RE: Very Good Ratings Again For The 1/21 IMPACT

    First Hour Break Down

    Q1: Impact opened with a 0.96 rating for Taz explaining his heel turn after a replay of the end of last week's Impact. Included was one commercial. This was a big difference from a 1.16 Q1 rating last week.

    Q2: Impact bumped up to a 1.08 rating for Tara vs. Velvet Sky in a Knockouts Title match, plus pre and post-match segments and one commercial.

    Q3: Impact stayed the same at a 1.08 rating for various video packages leading to Joseph Park's in-ring promo. Included were two full commercial breaks.

    Q4: Impact bumped up to a 1.18 rating for Zema Ion & Kenny King vs. RVD & Christian York in X Division action, one commercial, and Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan coming to the ring to address the wedding angle last week.

    Second Hour Break Down

    Q5: Impact jumped to a 1.36 rating for Bully & Brooke addressing the wedding angle, Sting joining the discussion, one commercial, and video packages on Jeff Hardy.

    Q6: Impact's audience jumped down one-tenth to a 1.24 rating for Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez, one commercial, and a video package on Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson.

    Q7: Impact dipped to a second-hour-low 1.20 rating for Kurt Angle confronting Mr. Anderson, one commercial, an Aces & Eights video, and ring introductions for the TNA Title main event.

    Q8: Impact increased slightly to a 1.22 rating for Hardy vs. Daniels in the main event, one commercial, and A&E attacking Hardy to close the show.
  3. Pretty good start to the year so far.
  4. Yeah, apparently people are into the romance storyline. :downer:
  5. Interesting enough, the Bully-Brooke segment this week drew higher rating than the actual wedding last week.
  6. Guess they were curious to see what was going to happen after the wedding was screwed up.
  7. God damn noob fans being into soap-opera shit.
  8. Good shows, bad ratings. Bad shows, good ratings.

    I hate the average shithead person walking this planet.
  9. Well even though that is partially true and I agree with statement most of the time, in this case I don't.

    Even though TNA made some stupid choices and questionable decisions and directions at and post BFG, they still have good to very good shows IMO. Yeah, we all know who champions are - Hardy (who actually has a good reign, but that's because of his awesome opponents like Angle, Aries, Roode and Daniels), Chavo and Hernandez (they literally suck), and Bob Van Dam (who's the same stale ass now and 13 yrs ago). Hell, Hardy can't go the 4 UK shows and IS STILL the World Champion. What does TNA do about it? In a perfect time, they DON'T book Daniels (42 yrs of age), who's on fire, and doesn't get any younger, they book him NOT to win the Big One. That's definition of CRAP and GARBAGE booking.

    On the other hand, Aces & 8 are back on track now, the heat is on them again, I don't care what you think of Taz. The most important thing - the heat - they have it. I'm not complaining. When they lose it, I will.

    Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan story shite, yep, it's soap opera. That's why it draws ratings. That's why Daniels-Styles-Lynch drew 1.4. ATM, I don't ever mind having one soap opera story on the show, not everything has to be pure wrestling content.

    Bottom line, there's Bob, Chavo, Hernandez, and even Hardy and some of the Aces & 8s, but TNA still puts the good shows because the excellent talents that leads those mediocre fucks to good or excellent matches and segments.

    Hell, I rated last two IMPACTs 8/10 and 7/10, then Genesis 6/10 and 1/3/13 Impact around 5 or 6/10. I don't see "bad" there.

    Alotta working has to be done in TNA right now with its champions, but lets not be so pesimistic. Lots of great talent on the roster, lots of awesome talent coming in to TNA, and some decent ones are waiting in OVW. Plus, Joseph Park is still great.

    TNA, I won't forgive you this dumbass Daniels decision, fuck you because of it, but keep it strong bitches.
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  10. I fully expected you to defend the product, but to say 'oh well you just have to ignore the goofy soap opera shit, all the champions and a couple of other storylines, then it's great!"

    I mean, come on. TNA is in a rut, simple as that. It might not be unwatchable, but it isn't overtly entertaining (to me) at this point.
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  11. It's gone backwards. It looks like an attempt to garner the former ratings they had by taking the company backwards and once again just going with ex-WWE guys.


    -Rob Van FUCKING Dam (WHY?)
    -Chavo & Hernandez

    That's just ridiculous in my opinion. Furthermore, the product is centered around a stable that consists of no-names pretty much who always lose.

    I fully understand why Hardy is champion, he's the one that bugs me the least out of those. The Daniels decision was stupid but I can live with it. All of that badness mixed with a lacklustre X-Division - when it used to be fantastic - and a non-existent knockout division just makes me enjoy TNA less. Those two especially used to be the big separation from other companies, they were flourishing. The tag-team division as well, that used to be awesome, now look at it.

    You're right Testify, TNA has awesome talent and they CAN fix it, but at the moment (imo) it's sucking and I can't enjoy it, I'll still watch it because it's practically the same as RAW weekly, I'm used to it, but I do expect more from TNA knowing how good they have been, especially last year.
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  12. Whatever bro. I also knew I'd regret for even writing that long of a post when you'll just sum it up in one "---" crap conclusion of my post.

    I clearly wrote the pros and cons of TNA (read the post), what sucks in TNA (read the post), what's good in TNA (read the post), what the future brings us and what the past decisions were crappy (read the MOTHERFUCKIN post).

    But yeah, you just sumed it up in "Testify defends Impact" shite. Way to go dude.:george:
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  13. Someone's testy this morning. Also that post was 356 words. :pity1: that's not all that lengthy breh
  14. Everything I wrote, you wrote here.

    Except for the bolded, underlined part which I can barely live with and I CRAP on TNA for it.

    However, it's the most champions that sucks [except Tara and Devon (come at me)], and for some of you the WHOLE division sucks because of them. Bob sucks, yes. Nacho Food Inc sucks, balls yeah. Hardy (who still can go) doesn't deserve to be champion, yes.

    But they are champions - not the whole division.

    You have BVD, Kenny King, Zema Ion, Rockstar Spud, Christian York, Kid Kash (?), Jesse Sorensen and Chris Sabin (the injured ones) OVW and Indy talents (Jigsaw, Andrews, Dorado etc.) on the verge of signing for TNA and the X Division, and plus semi-regulars like Kazarian, Joey Ryan, Robbie E and similar. It isn't what is was, it still good and used on TV, I'd rate it OK.

    Tag division - Nacho, WTTCOTW, Morgan&Ryan, Kash&Gunner - yeah that sucks overall, but TNA somehow wraps it up to be good on most shows.

    Complain on champions, we all do, I do. But don't translate it on the entire division. You get the point?
  15. Dude, you're talking about wrestlers who are apart of that division, that's redundant. At the moment, what we see of the division on TNA sucks, that's all. You can have a fantastic roster, but if you treat the division like crap and have a shitty champion then the division is sucky at that moment in time. They have the tools to fix it, but they're backstage at the moment.
  16. What a fountain-of-wisdom, geyser-of-badass-arguments response! :damn:
  17. I've spoken out against TNA, I'm on Testify's shit list now!

  18. Totally with Testify. The casuals have the Aces and Eights storyline, Bully/Brooke has pretty much merged with that, a lot of the other feuds are wrestling-heavy (Wet Dream Team vs Nacho Bell Grande, this fatal 4-way X-Division feud, hopefully more Daniels vs Hardy). Dolph's, you have to deal with the Aces and Eights, but you got Joseph Park back. Can't you call it fair compromise?

    The problem with the champions/Hogan as GM/All the hyped up Sting returns/all this other crap is that they're the most transparent ratings ploys I've ever seen in wrestling. They're begging for ratings, and thank goodness they got them with a fairly inoffensive wedding that starred those bridesmaids' outfits. Since they seem to be sticking around, maybe an entertaining champion would help.

    The Daniels things sucks, but is he becoming TNA's Christian, where he'll become over as hell during a thank you reign at the end of his career?
  19. My God. I already said that. The tag and the X division - they are NOT what they used to be (greatness).

    The difference between your points on them and my points on them is simple: you think they're used silly/crappy, and I think they're used good/solid. But main points/arguments overall, are the same - 50 % of the TNA champions suck. But again, it's the challengers and "enemies" of those, the good of TNA crew, that gets the most out of them and makes the shows satisfying, hence why I just can't see the TNA 2013 thus far being "bad".
  20. Stop crapping the good debate, slapnuts.
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