Very Interesting Stat Regarding Under 18 WWE Viewers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2013.

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    If true, then fuck the PG stuff and go back to TV-14.
  3. Simply put, it was a better program back then. Of course kids watched it because of the violence, the boobs and the colorful characters. Now, those kids are the adults watching it hoping that it'll go back to that old way. Desperate hope. That's what it is.

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  4. Oh, wow. So PG is driving away the kiddies as well?

    Guess going back to TV-14 would help, it would get the eyes on the product before storylines and stuff keep them there.
  5. Is it meltzer?

    I totally believe that stat, as most of us are easily over 18 who watch the WWE, and we constantly complain that an edgier product would get both in, when i was young watching the AE (12 or so) my parents didnt watch with me, or have a clue why i thought it was so great. It was language, violence, blood, t&a, and charisma that got me to watch it. Now i have 3 people i like, and the rest are catering to a crowd around the age of 10 in a way i cant stand. I get 12 year olds dont need the content, but people need to realize those same kids are playing gta and Cod/halo and are getting the violence from all over

    It's like promoting abstinence instead of educating for real on what it is all about, same as drugs. (way off base)
  6. Sort of makes you mad since they market towards children and other audiences have to withstand that, and they get less kids watching then back when they didn't pander to them. Nice one WWE
  7. Im curious to know how many were watching from 2002-2006, maybe the decline happened then and in an attempt to get them back they went to PG
  8. Shocked this didn't have more replies. Perhaps my title wasn't very welcoming. It's a fascinating stat though; something you want to shove in a WWE representatives face so you can force him to argue his point for keeping WWE so childish.
  9. How do they get this information through ratings?
  10. So the attitude era folk are loyal. It makes sense to me, even in h.s. it seemed like kids weren't into it like they used to be. I'm not sure why, must be too busy wearing skinny jeans, and glasses without perscriptions. They wouldn't wanna watch anything gay.
  11. I always thought this was common knowledge. I hadn't seen any official stats but I've always heard it said that kids make up a very small portion of the audience and it is still 18-40 males that drive the WWE machine. WWE just pictures us as the ones who will always be there so they don't feel the need to cater to that demo
  12. WOW very interesting, I think that means they shouldn't worry about going back to TV-14.
  13. I think it was common knowledge that 18+ were the majority viewers, but I was quite shocked that there are less kids watching now than the AE days, and even more shocked by how much less. It just makes you wonder why WWE continue to appease to the children, because they obviously know these stats too.
  14. Doesn't surprise me man. ALL of my friends watched wrestling during the AE. It was all we talked about at school from like 2nd grade until 6th grade.
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