News Very small crowd from Friday's live event

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  2. why do tna even do house shows when their impact tapings never sell out
  3. They should just start booking in smaller arenas.
  4. Have any numbers been released as an average cost vs revenue thing for house shows?
  5. I think my backyard can sell out a TNA live event.
  6. Just to bring up my experience: I know of two times that TNA has been here. In 2011 there was a big billboard right nearby and commercials for an Impact taping. The second time? There was a wrestling memorabilia store opening up down the street in late 2012. At this new store with a cardboard sign in front they handed out a picture that showed there was an Impact show at the Coliseum next week. That and a paper sign at the local Direct Auto were all the advertising I saw. Maybe I just don't watch enough TV.

    Every single time there is a WWE House Show, there's advertising. There were paper signs at the grocery store, commercials on every channel, billboards, JUST enough that you can't ignore it but it doesn't feel like overkill. Handouts at a specialty store that just opened and an insurance company obviously isn't enough. Get your shit together.
  7. TNA's marketing does seem to be subpar.
  8. Just looks awkward to be there as a fan or performer.
  9. Lol Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Magnus and James Storm were all apart of the show too.. Damn man I kinda feel bad for both.. fans and performers lol
  10. No advertising = 300 fans showing up for your event.

    Good job, TNA.

    Now question to the OP. Do you also have to bring bad news to TNA section? Contribute something good here and there.
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  11. I've noticed Crayo only shows up these days in this section to shit on TNA
  12. Crayo only makes threads based on dirtsheet news nowadays (outside of a few days) and surprise surprise, dirtsheets aren't being positive about TNA.
  13. Read it was only like 500 fans.
  14. Thats what a superior marketing budget and tram do. I mean its not like TNA is hugely worse than WWE! Same with all brands though u mention wrestling u get E its become synonymous with wrestling and a huge brand u cant knock that advertising.
  15. Its advertising, its all advertising. Local shows here advertise a shit ton and pull 200-500 on average, ICW big shows draw 1000. Get your shit together advertising wise TNA.
  16. Will you cry baby hipsters get a fucking room. If I see news that isn't posted, I post it. I tend to only post big news now'adays anyway as the littler news gets shit on or goes off-topic.

    Also, what sort of good news are you expecting regarding the current TNA product?


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  17. +1 for 30 Rock GIF :emoji_slight_smile:
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  18. :haha:

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  19. TNA have a Samoa Joe, how many other companies can say that? TNA 1 the rest of the world 0.
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  20. For real though, I have no hatred towards TNA, but I do have interest in its progression. I don't watch the product at the moment because of how lacklustre it is for me personally. However, unlike some people on here, I ain't some WWE mark - despite the fucking award - that wants TNA to fall and jumps on the hate bandwagon whenever possible. I want the company to succeed so BOTH TNA and WWE do better. Competition = GOOD, and company success or lack of it interests me. This topic in particular is also a good topic to discuss because there's plenty of directions it can go. The one annoying ass thing with you fanboys is how damn defensive ya'll get.
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