News Very strong old school RAW rating

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 7, 2014.

  2. I'm absolutely stunned given the National Championship game being on. Granted MNF draws better than any college game, but does this put an end to the "Ratings suck because of football" excuses?
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  3. to answer your question? No.
  4. Great rating for a great show.
  5. To answer your reply: Thought so. :smug:
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  6. That's awesome, National Championship was on too :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I loved the old skewl fight cards :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. good show I thought
  8. Good rating for an okay show.

    Don't the old school episodes tend to draw good overall as well? Is it some form of trend?
  9. I suppose people expect to see more of the old school wrestlers, so they tune in to see past favorites. At least that's what one on of my friends due, wouldn't be surprised if many others did too.
  10. Probably, but I find it tedious. Things I liked from the ep were Reigns beasting, Real Americans vs Rhodes, The Wyatt 6 man tag, Lesnar & Heyman, ect. The old school part was just annoying. A Too Cool match I didn't want to sit through, the special guest nonsense involving Khali and Sandow in the Worst Feud of all time, that terrible segment at the top of hour 3, the outlaws becoming the focal point of Reigns coming out party singles match, and shit like that doesn't really make me light up like it does some others. The only old school aspect I didn't mind was Piper's Pit and I suppose Flair in the opening just because he's god
  11. True, but most likely the fans who didn't enjoy those segments won't stop watching. The old school Raw was just meant for nostalgia points. It's for the fans who want to remember the "good old days" instead of seeing a basic Raw. I agree that those segments were not needed, but it was a gimmick old school Raw, they were just made for older fans to mark all over.
  12. Luckily I was watching on watch wrestling so I didn't have to stop watching but I might have been tempted it watching live during the 3rd hour. They were just jam packing in all of the old school bullshit at once in hour 3 between Lesnar/Heyman and the Reigns main event.
  13. I just watched it via Youtube lol. I skimmed past the useless stuff, it was cool to see Too Cool, but I just skipped to the dancing. Glad that I work Mondays so I don't have to sit through everything.
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  14. I feel the same way. I sort of miss live discussions but any time I watched 3 hour Raw live there was always that point where I saw the time and was like man this shit is draggggggingggg
  15. Honestly, three hours is to long to sit through. It would be fine it was a great show, but even then it would be hard to do it at a weekly basis. Mind as well watch Smackdown, they recap everything from Raw that's pretty much worthwhile.
  16. I can barely sit through something epic that is 3 hours, say The Godfather for example, let alone fucking Raw.
  17. True, and they expect it week after week after week after week. At least try to keep the show at a high level, or just drop it to two hours.
  18. No more monday night football.

    EDIT: National championship was on though

  19. Sounds about right, Old School always gets a better rating and it was a pretty good show.
  20. I'm sure a lot of people were thinking 'new year, new start' for WWE, after an absolutely woeful 3/4 months at the end of last year. Also, as people have said, themed-episodes will always draw. If WWE play it right they will have strong ratings throughout WM season. Next Monday Batista is back and there should be quite a few more returns soon. Plus it seems Lesnar, who draws, may have tweaked his contract as he will be appearing up until mania.
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