News Very uninformative report regarding potential heel turn

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. Yeah, that's the report. Anyway, no need to discuss the report that is clearly just Meltzer assuming and pretending, but would you guys want a Truth heel turn? I know I would. He is so underrated and I thoroughly enjoyed his main event push last time. The guy can get so much heat so easily.
  2. Lol @ the title. Would love an R-Truth heel turn, dude was entertaining as hell!

    It seems like Miz has been fazed out of this corporation angle. That's great, but having a face Awesome Truth (with the good R-Truth character coming back ofc, pretty sure they can use that character in an endearing way given the new faces in creative right now) facing a heel corporate Triple H sounds even better given their really awkward history together. "We told you all not to trust this guy! We even got the whole roster walking out! TOLD YOU ALL THERE WAS A CONSPIRACY!"

    Either way it'll be great. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  3. Only if he is smoking cigs on the way to the ring. I found it hilarious when he did that stint with his prior heel turn.
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  4. R Truth already did the heel turn but he ended up getting suspended coming back as a face again

  5. [​IMG]
  6. Fo sho. I don't like R-Truth very much at all but I liked him just a little when he was heel, so yea.
  7. Loved the idea of Truth pointing out the conspiracy stuff. It's awesome when stuff comes around like this. :dawg:
    But yeah, a Truth heel turn would be great. They could come from the interview he did these days that was really awesome where he stated he wanted to be champ and stuff, and that now he's lost clean he should have a different mindset. Then you frustrate him some more and make him go crazy on some other face ala Bob Backlund and there you go.
  8. An R-Truth heel turn would be amazing. I loved him in his last heel role and thought they should have just kept that going
  9. A heel turn for R-Truth will be the best thing for him. Him as a babyface is bland and stale. All he does is come out and say "what's up", at least he had a interesting character when he was a heel in 2011.
  10. Decent gimmick, decent on the mic and horrible in ring. I'm not against it or for it.
  11. (Replying to this with a totally self-indulgent reply just because)

    We've all said the internet ruined wrestling. It was more fun as a casual, more enjoyable when we were just fans.
    This was one of those few moments where the internet helped wrestling. As we TNA fanboys said in the Russo era, the most effective swerves are when they set up swerves just to not swerve us. This was the setup, and it this otherwise idiotic tag match had me on the edge of my seat. Thanks, Craybabe.

    "Ahh, crap, he has his hands up... kick to the balls?"
    "No, Punk! Don't do it! You can take them, R-Truth will turn on you!"
    "Don't tag in Truth! He'll just lay down!"
    "Crap, Heyman's yelling something inaudible... can't tell what, but surely... Is R-Truth a Paul Heyman guy?"
    "Dang, this is one heck of an initiation. Heyman is a bastard!"
    "Watch your back Punk, Truth will sneak attack you!"
    "Nooooooo! Don't tag him in!"

    Couldn't believe that ended clean. :phew:
  12. True. Sometimes IWC rumors help build up expectation to stuff and when it actually happens it's awesome.
  13. Heel Truth is a fucking beast..

    Let's do it.
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  14. Well, if he turns heel, the truth will set him free. :true:
  15. I loved heel Truth feud with Morrison, it was great
  16. I'm all about R-Truth getting opportunities. It's hard to believe he's 43 years old. He can fuckin' go.
  17. I always liked Truth as a heel.
  18. I never watched during R-truth's heel deal before (if he had one?) So i have no idea how it will work out.

    Honestly i love JBL yelling "whats up!" when he comes out. Id rather He take Ryders spot and they drop ZR for real, or move him up. I really dont get why you would want a face people like (who cant be a champ, either way) truth, who has no reason to be in the running ever, really.

    He is a mediocre random tag partner at best, in my book.
  19. Being the heel made him a top wrestler (for a while) He had a feud with John Morrison and got a WWE championship shot
  20. I would love to see heel truth.. He was the best back then
    It would be real nice to see old truth back.......
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