Vickie Guerrero In The 2015 The Hall Of Fame?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jun 27, 2014.

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    Well, you had to know this one was happening. I don't mind her going in since it's not a real hall anyway and she was certainly an on-screen character (and a legit heat magnet at that) long enough to warrant going in by WWE standards, but what do you think?

    (Naturally, we can safely assume that she won't be headlining the HOF class of 2015, especially with talks of putting Savage in next year.)
  2. She's been working in WWE for the best part of the last decade. Of course she deserves it.
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  3. I would have been surprised had she not been considered for HOF, like Brad said, she was there nine years and had some good heat.
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  4. Meh, why not. I would hold it off a bit because I'm not a fan of putting people in there right after they retire, but whatever.
  5. Good riddance. I could care less if she's inducted into HOF or not.
  6. Then care less by not posting in this thread.


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  7. Deserves it but yah wouldn't put her in right after, maybe in a couple of years time would be good.
  8. Through-out all the humiliating segments and storylines she has been through she has always done it without complaints, she truly is a trooper, a great entertainer and does deserve that HOF spot.

    I wouldn't necessarily say next year but sometime down the road I do feel she should be inducted.

    Go Vickie!:woo:
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  9. Vickie wasn't very talented, but she took a gimmick idea and it took off.
    I will pretend it was all Stephanie's idea, because it has her aura written all over it.
    I'm finding it more and more difficult to find pertinent fault with Stephanie McMahon every day.
    Granted they induct Vickie, Steph can give herself a gigantic pat on the back for transforming an overweight widow into a genuine heat magnet.
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