Vickie Guerrero is a good Woman

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. She is a good woman, why does king always insult her? Even Cole talks about her good. It's sad really, Vickie Guerrero could easily be respected/liked by the fans if King didn't constantly put her down.
  2. She gets hated because of her voice
  4. "She's an ugly cougar."
    "Why is she wearing that dress no one wants to see her fat"

    - King
  5. King has become an asshole, Vickie is in better shape than his middle crisis having dilapidated ass. I don't think just because King makes fun of her, it makes other people hate her
  6. She gets hated because she's heel. King is a moron though. Calling her fatty and stuff just isn't excusable when King has a massive beer belly himself and they run Be A Star commercials straight after.
  7. King only likes girls who are young enough to be his grandchildren. She's annoying and only has a job because #vincefeelsforced, seriously she isnt comic relief, its vince laughing at the people thinking he wants you to BAstar
  8. I'd shag her......I wouldn't think twice
  9. Yoshi tatsu insulted her on smackdown, which means it's in the script. I wouldn't be surprised if it's vince mcmahon shouting in Kings earpiece to say those things.
  10. and I laugh everytime King makes a joke about her. I HATE her. I wish she will get off my tv screen.
  11. King is a fool, why is he still on commentary?
  12. How can you think that when the rock just TOLD you she is a good woman. No opinions allowed in this post, she is a good woman.

    On a side note, Her daughter, yes please.
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