Vickie Guerrero is back.

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  1. Vickie Guerrero fired from Monday Night RAW general manager but then promoted to Friday Night Smackdown Permanent general manager. What is your say about this unexpected promotion. Has Mr McMahon gone crazy or did Vickie deserve this? Actually I wanted Teddy to be made permanent general manager or maybe even Booker T. I think Mr McMahon has gone nuts for Vickie.
  2. I havent seen Smackdown yet but WTF why is Vickie general manager of Smackdown? Booker T is suppoused to be general manager also does this mean Vickie wont be manageing Ryback now
  3. Because she can get heat from casuals. Well ofc T isnt GM anymore and ofc not.
  4. Who cares about Ryback? He's just a lost case...
  5. It'll be a nice plot point for HHH/McMahon. In the meantime it'll make for some good TV.
  6. I would've rather seen Mark Henry remain heel with Teddy as his manager, but that's just me.
  7. Not only you. Thinking about it for a bit, it'd be amazing imo.
  8. Vickie doesn't bother me that much, tbh, unless she's doing that fucking Vickie/Cena/AJ bullshit again. Otherwise, I don't mind her. Vickie and Maddox feud contributes to the HHH vs. McMahon feud.

    I lol'd when Maddox came on Smackdown and asked he be the GM of that too, lmao. What a goon.
  9. The only thing I do not like about her is her shrill voice. She's a fine fit to be the Smackdown GM but she is more or less gonna be used as Vince's lacky than actually a GM though. It's gonna be the same way with Maddox and Triple H/Stephanie.
  10. Why does Smackdown need a GM?
  11. To make tag team matches to open the show every week man.
  12. On Friday night smackdown Vince McMahon came out to announce the permanent smackdown GM after asking Booker T and Theodore Long what main event they would have chosen then Brad Maddox came running out telling Vince that " as we'll as raw general manager he should be made smackdown GM"then Vince made an announcement that didn't really shock me. He appointed Vickie Guerrero as the new Smackdown GM!

    What are your thoughts on the new GM announced by Vince McMahon?
  13. Inpunkwetrust, please see if someone posted about the same subject before you start a new thread. :emoji_slight_smile:

    I still have problems with this too, haha!
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