Vickie Guerrero Leaving WWE After Tonight

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Apr 6, 2014.

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    I don't mind seeing her go. Her character is beyond irritating (and not a good way... she has "go away" heat with me, not legitimate heat where I want to see her get humiliated and whatnot) and is kind of played out at this point anyway. Good luck to her in her "future endeavors" anyway.
  2. Good. She is an instant mute/fast forward for me.
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  3. This..

    I wonder what this does for kayfabe though; who will be the new GM? and also will she be leaving because AJ puts her money where her mouth is and retains?
  4. Maddox is in the battle royal too, suggesting he may join the active roster. Vince or Shane definitely back tomorrow.
  5. Bring back Johnny Ace!
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  6. I'm actually not happy. Hmm.
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  8. Good! I get that she's supposed to be annoying- but there's a limit surely?
  9. No. Just not a Vickie hater.
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  10. well she wasn't meant to be there at all anyway, hope she banked enough money so she can stay away forever
  11. Hogan needs something to do after Wrestlemania.... could he be the new Smackdown GM? Hmmmm
  12. I just wanna hate-buttfuck her.
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  13. You always express my feelings so well Deth, wanna take turns?
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  14. Do people actually hate her? I just thought people loved boo'ing her. Won't miss her that much though.

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  16. She's just annoying. People boo because she squeals into the mic like a wild hog being raped to death by a wildabeast, not because they give one squirt of piss about her.
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  17. I'm with you brother :sad1:
  18. I'll miss Vickie. I've always had a great deal of respect for her and her obvious love of the business.

    I hope she gets plenty of time to rest and refresh herself.

  19. Lest us forget this magnificent woman:

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