Vickie Guerrero Responds To Kevin Nash

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 12, 2012.

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  2. Vickie vs Kevin Nash, Wrestlemania 29
  3. :badass: talk about cheap heat.
  4. Vickie > Nash
  5. lol Typical woman. Nash's comments weren't a personal attack against Eddie or especially his family, but about small(er) wrestlers in general.
  6. I doubt this will go down well.
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  7. @[Hannah Heywood] @[Heather says] @[GrammarNazi82]
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  8. Well you're talking about someone's family member who is deceased. Of course the family is going to feel offended, especially when Eddie worked hard to get that championship, and Nash just turns his old ass around and says, "No he doesn't deserve it because he is to short."
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  9. It may have been a shot at smaller guys but he went out and named those two specifically, I can see why she would be upset.
  10. Basically what has already been said towards this comment. Whilst Nash talked about shorter wrestlers in general he named Chris and Eddie specifically. Eddie worked his ass of for years to earn that title. For a old man who never lived up to his own hype (my opinion Nash was boring as fuck) to then go and say that he didn't deserve it because he was too short is very much a personal insult. WWE felt that Eddie deserved the title. That's the only reason he received it, not his height. He was good and entertaining enough simply.
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  11. He only named Benoit and Eddie because they got the spotlight at WM20 and were thus the best example he could think of. He also named Bryan and Punk, too. And I'd hardly say it was an example of Nash being unhappy or insecure with his life, as she put it.
  12. There are plenty of other small wrestlers to choose from that were world champions. I'm sure he knew that he would get a reaction if he mentioned two deceased wrestlers. Kevin Nash is an asshole, not stupid.
  13. Vickie is fat, lawls...
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  14. Nash wasn't intentionally trying to be disrespectful, but just mentioning them because they were the prime example (especially in recent memory) of smaller guys who won world titles on a grand stage. He could have mentioned Shawn Michaels, but he wouldn't, because that's of course his good buddy.
  15. If he wasn't trying to be disrespectful he could have easily chosen someone else. Rey Mysterio would be a good choice also, as I said, he just wanted a reaction and mentioning Benoit and Eddie were good ones to get one by. Benoit was a great wrestler and Eddie was very entertaining, poor choices for his argument unto saying how short wrestlers don't deserve world title shots, but great to piss people off and get that interview known.
  16. Can you deny they were not the best choices? Whenever someone thinks of a smaller guy who won a world title, do they not automatically think of Benoit and Eddie? And what is so disrespectful about mentioning Benoit? Dude's a murderer anyway lol. I don't think Nash was really being disrespectful, although I don't completely understand why you should never disrespect the dead. It seems like it would be more respectful/less disrespectful to criticize them when they're dead than when they're alive, because at least when they're dead, they're no longer around to hear it.
  17. Actually no, the first person who comes to mind is Rey Mysterio. They both had good reigns, but Rey Mysterio is always the small underdog guy when most people think about the WWE. As for anything with the dead, that's a personal choice. The way I see it, if you wanna talk shit about me, say it to my face, not when I'm buried and gone.
  18. Benoit comes to mind for me, and I'm sure he (and Eddie) certainly do for many other people. Their moment together at the end of Wrestlemania 20 is a lot more significant than any moment Mysterio ever had with the belt. Benoit, at the very least, had a decent title reign, unlike Mysterio.

    As for talking shit, you might find Nash's comments disrespectful, but he's allowed to be critical of people, even if they're dead. He said these same sort of things when they were still alive. He's quoted as doing so in The Death of WCW (which is a very good book.)
  19. Most people I know throw in Rey Mysterio first, mainly because he is extremely short, and it's very noticable, he is one of the most currently known wrestlers in the world, and he also had more then one world championship reign. Benoit isn't pushed at all by WWE so A lot of people don't bring up his world championship reign, and Rey Mysterio is a true underdog story since he's so little and has to use his speed to his advantage, as oppose to technical wrestling big opponents. And as you said, Benoit had killed his family, so lots of people don't even want to bring him up as a great wrestler because of it. And I said it before, Nash is an asshole not stupid. He likes to get reactions.
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