Vickie Guerrero To Become Ryback’s Manager!? WTF!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. According to reports, Ryback is expected to win against Chris Jericho at Sunday’s WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view. If Ryback wins, it will be his first WWE pay-per-view victory in almost a year.
    Monday’s WWE RAW was reportedly the beginning of a new alliance between Ryback and Vickie Guerrero. There is speculation that Guerrero will align herself with Ryback, as his manager, and mouthpiece.
    A Guerrero-Ryback partnership is something WWE feels is a positive, as the feeling is both characters were becoming stale and the grouping of the two together accenuates their respective strengths: Ryback as the musclehead/killing machine and Guerrero as his mouthpiece, both out for vengeance.

  2. Oh god! No ... Please, no! Make it stop!


    Seriously though, I rather both of them off of TV for a while because they've both become extremely stale as of late (especially Ryback).
  3. ....well this is just one hell of a weird pairing...I think it will just make people hate them even more, really.
  4. Ryback will lose to Jericho because Jericho isn't a botch.
  5. I'll agree with the negativity here.
    Vickie doesn't help get anyone over, and doesn't mesh Ryback's character at all (not that Ryback really has much of a character now... HUG! ME! MORE!) WWE just doesn't know what to do with him, oddly enough since "rawr monster heel" is something they usually don't screw up. This just sounds like annoying, awful television.

    And honestly: Does Ryback even need a mouthpiece? His solo promos came off just fine imo. Nothing scintillating but for someone who'll get over with his moveset they're good enough.

    Wait, so they're "two disgruntled employees banding together to take out WWE?" Lets please not do that. The only thing good about that is the unintentional comedy of Ryback wanting to take out the guys who've booked him to shit. Besides, haven't we had enough "heel employees vs the face company" storylines? The NWO died 15 years ago, can we please bury it already?
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  6. Ryback just needs a long time off RAW, and Vickie certainly won't help him.
  7. I hope this isn't true, but maybe she will do better for him. I know she can get some heat, and it seems like they killed face ryback(seemingly over) and went to heel ryback.... whom no one seems to give a shit about. I'll give the man his due, atleast when he was face he somewhat entertaining.
  8. Don't think Vickie will have any concerns about Ryback after losing her job but maybe this will be true as Vickie will try and prove herself again.

  9. Vickie getting heat by being an annoying bitch does nothing for Ryback... just like it did nothing for Ziggler.. just like it did nothing for Swagger..

    Ryback needs disappear for about a year, then return to Smackdown. He sucks and has negative momentum atm.
  10. OH HELL NO! :pipebomb:
  11. Im shocked at how WWE have treated Ryback lately but I think its down to what hes done to Cena with tweeting about his ex wife and also giving the fuck you gesture to Cena and so the revenge is happening right now but my god Ryback should be WWE champion he has worked his ass off and deserves this so much and now WWE are gonna stick Vickie with him WTF
  12. you mean putting him over and him failing to get credibility? fuck ryback.
  13. Ryback didnt fail its Cena's bullshit politics that stopped his push
  14. Or maybe because Ryback has no charisma, Not talent, No mic skills and makes storylines shit?
  15. mostly the fact he cant get over, dude is shit on the mic and they push him like a handicap.
  16. Vickie doesn't get real heat...She gets the "Why the fuck are you here" heat. So this idea is bad and she needs to go away.
  17. If that were true which it isn't then it's a good thing,Ryback is shit. Khali and Hornswoggle >>> Ryback
  19. Ryback has charisma, talent, mic skills. Its just Vince/Cena backstage politics thats stopping Ryback reaching his full potential
  20. :lol1:
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