Vickie not selling

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Now I don't know if you guys noticed, but I LOL'D so damn hard at Vickie not selling the 5 knuckle shuffle from AJ one bit at TLC....

    I don't have a video of it, but seriously..... I mean she didn't sell it AT ALL.

    She was just laying like if she was dead, LOL :FACEPALM:
  2. She's not a trained wrestler. Why would she be expected to sell it as if she were one?

    Vickie does fine considering the circumstances of her role on the show when she is in the ring.
  3. Yes but she could have done anything other than just laying without moving a muscle, anything...any reaction would have been better....
  4. She could have sold it as being momentarily knocked out or stunned, thus lying completely still. More realistic considering that she isn't a trained wrestler and thus in kayfabe shouldn't be able to get back up from a wrestling move, especially a strike to the head.
  5. Reality >>>>>>>>>>> Kayfabe :pity:
    she could have rolled to the corner after the hit, thus not being involve in what was about to happen, or they could book Aj to throw her out of the ring...
  6. Maybe she fell asleep cause the AJ storyline was so boring!
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  7. :pipebomb:
  8. I LOL'ED :lol1:
  9. Yeah, she's not trained. Can't expect much from her.
  10. She's not a trained wrestler, but she's also not stupid. Sell next time vickie
  11. Not stupid eh? :pity:
  12. Meh, maybe she is lol
  13. :true:
  14. Not trained? Still in the WWE for so many years.

    I'm not a trained wrestler, but to react to a move is something everyone can do.
  15. Seriously. I'm no trained wrestler but I could sell moves with the best of em
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