Vickie's role is pointless, repetitive and unneeded

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Vickie Guerrero as GM (or executive consultant or whatever it's called) is the most needless thing I have seen for a while. Fair enough Vickie gets the most heat on RAW, but I guarantee most of the boo's are from people who are literally fed up of hearing her scream down the mic. It's great if she has one mic segment a night, but she's involved in MANY segments now and it's the same old thing.

    With Vince simply appearing and making her look incapable of making a decision without his input, it makes the audience think "Why the fuck did he appoint her as consultant then?". Furthermore, what revolutionary decisions has she made that actually warrants a GM? She's not involved in any big storylines is she? Or are they still doing the Claire Lynch AJ/Cena story? If they are, it hasn't been mentioned for a while now.

    The whole ordeal reeks of WWE having no idea who to fill this role, or that they have an idea who to fill it but they are currently unavailable (Flair), but at the moment there is no need for a GM if Vince is there every week. I'm one of the few fans of Vickie on here but the constant mic time she gets has quickly turned me into a hater - similar to AJ being GM - and I simply mute the stream whenever she's on. This is my rant, but what do you think about her in this role and the amount of air-time she's getting?
  2. Well, Vince even said the same night when Vickie was appointed this position that he didn't even know what the position exactly was and that he didn't really have any control over it, assumingly.
  3. RE: Vickie's role is pointless, repetitive and needless.

    I read the results of Raw and found it funny that Vince has now done this for the third time in the last 4-5 weeks - came out and 'ordered' Vickie to change things. What's the purpose of there being a GM if Vince is gonna just come out there to change shit anyway? It seems the only reason they have her on the show right now is just for the AJ/Cena storyline but she doesn't need to be the GM for that.
  4. Sounds like AJ's run imo, we could with the Nature boy running around very soon.
  5. WWE always reference Vince being above the board of directors but he was removed from his position... from the board of directors... Awkward I know. But yeah he easily has kayfabe control over Vickie, he appointed her himself didn't he?

    Completely agree.
  6. I agree. However, I think it's just filler for Flair, it's the only explanation I can come up with. Maybe even filler for Johnny? I don't know. And I think they did it even with Vince being there every week because when they decided it they didn't want McMahon to be there every week, which must've happened because he saw the ratings one week and decided to show up on the other. So I'll say that they're waiting for Flair.
  7. I don't think he was released as the Chairman. I didn't watch the promo myself but I think he was just released of his duties as far as running Raw goes. But was still the Chairman, or something like that.
  8. Re: RE: Vickie's role is pointless, repetitive and unneeded

    I think this was it and is the reason he could sack HHH as the board requested or some buggery.
  9. Yeah he was removed from his position, by the board of directors, who WWE have mentioned are below Vince... It's confusing right? Lol.
  10. Vicky has a job or life though. Vince promised to take care of eddies family after his death.

    You are stuck with her forevah
  11. I am not a Vickie hater (despite me saying I turned into one), she does her job very well. I'm hating on how WWE are using her.
  12. He was relieved of his duties of the day to day running of WWE (aka COO) - Not chairman.

    WWE don't explain their story well :nope:
  13. I know, I meant his position of running RAW. I've not once said he was removed as Chairman. There is just so many loop holes in that story.
  14. Ah, your post is about as confusing as WWE storylines :true:
  15. I was relying on user common sense, I should have known you'd fail :pity1:.
  16. Explain your post then? :dawg:
  17. I don't know, I believe that if a Board (various people) vote against just one it makes some sense. Now, why he's still used as an authority figure I don't know.
  18. Vince was removed from position (of running RAW) because of his decision making (regarding Cena) by the board of directors. Then HHH took charge, and was removed basically by all of the superstars (and then a returning Vince, right?), then Johnny Ace or whatever took charge and that all happened. Then Vince returns, puts AJ in charge, then fires AJ (or did the board?), then hires Vickie but he's there every week making her decisions for her. But he's not allowed to run RAW...

    In that wall of text there's stupid amounts of loop holes. It's ridiculous.
  19. Her only possible use these days is to get a face more over - so WWE of course put her in a fued with John Cena.
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