Video: Bret Hart Says Ric Flair Sabotaged His Matches As Champion

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 14, 2012.

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  2. Hart is at the stage of his life, imo, where he just can't stop bitching about the past and putting finger in everybody. Gee man, get a life.
  3. I remember him vaguely from the my first Wrestlemania. It's a shame he seems so bitter, now. I hope he may finds peace and is willing to forgive where wrestling has wronged
  4. Exactly. Destroying his name by complaining to everyone that he should have been much bigger, but it was never his fault. He was an amazing wrestler, and now he is just hard to listen to. One of a ton of links on this forums to old-timers complaining about the past instead of speaking on anything positive, ever.
  5. True, Hart is always complaining about those things. No point in complaining about something that happened in 1992.
  6. It's not just Hart, this seems to be what most old wrestlers do. Your good pal Steiner obviously comes to mind.
  7. I never said Steiner wasn't bitter. He IS bitter. But at least he's somewhat constructive (altough not coherent all the time) and has a pick on certain people, that people being Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and their family, nobody else. He hates them, thinks they're bad for TNA and he sticks to his thing.

    But Hart man...:facepalm1: He rages on everybody without saying a damn word positive, from Hogan, Flair, Vince, HBK, this guy, that guy etc etc. Every interview I recently read about him was one thing: complaining about the past and who screwed him over and stole his ideas.

    GTFO brother.
  8. Bret Hart has always complained about the past. He also has quite the ego about himself, thinking he is honestly a bigger deal than he ever was (sorry, but it's true.)
  9. Bret also said this :
    He's been known to take wrestling too seriously.
  10. Jesus that's funny.
  11. lol Bret is surely delusional. Steve Austin reached higher heights throughout his entire wrestling career than Bret ever did, that's why he's graded above you, Bret.
  12. So he's pissed because of a list too? Bitter old man. :dawg:
  13. TBH I don't listen to any of this type of shit, so I wouldn't know who is worse than another. I just see the threads or stories 'X wrestler bitches about old shit' and ignore it. Ultimate warrior seems to be one of the worst ones though.


    Bret's always been a total mark lol
  14. Wrestling hasn't been kind to his family, so he should give back in return. It doesn't help being bitter, even though its tough losing loved ones. Maybe the interviewers ask him these questions and sort of egg him on. It's not okay, but its best to give back when your heart is in need of healing.

    Hmm. Didn't that Benoit guy train with Bret Hart too? Ugh. I should look it up myself.
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