Video: "Brutal WWE Moves On Girls"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by KITT, Mar 6, 2015.

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  1. Funny video, very tongue and cheek and not "brutal". This cat is doing some great finishers into a swimming pool on his girlfriend. The AA is my favorite, she gets crazy air.
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  2. I've enjoyed that video so much ! For those who don't know what is he talking about, here :
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  3. Lol thanks - didn't look back at the thread after I posted it. I thought the video was embedded. Right on.
  4. She gets CRAZY air on the AA.

    One time back in the day I chokeslammed this little dude George into a pool. He went down head and neck first though lol

    No harm was done, no lawsuits thankfully lol.

    Buddy of mine also did a running sit down powerbomb on George into a creek we used to go rope swinging at. The smack when George hit the water was legendary. Dude doing the move really laid it in lol, because really fuck George.
  5. Was expecting Stone Cold vs Debra smh
  7. Was gonna make the RKO one my sig. His moves are smoother then some guys on the main roster, lol
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  8. I saw this on my Facebook Newsfeed the other day, but did not have the chance to see it as I got busy with our little one. Just took a moment to watch it now. So glad I finally got to see it.
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  9. Thanks for checking it out dudes.

    The tombstone is pretty legendary too
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