News Video captures moment Chinese student jumps through window, kills self, as shocked classmates react

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Mar 22, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    The student suddenly runs out of the shoot, reportedly towards a ledge which he leapt over to his death.
    But the devastated reaction of his fellow classmates, who sprint over to see what's happened before pacing up and down with their heads in their hands, appears to suggest he had tried to commit suicide.

    Details on the incident are currently scant. It's not clear exactly where in China, or at what school, it took place.
    The clip was uploaded to LiveLeak Wednesday, however, and has since gone viral with more than 85,000 views.
    "High school student Xiao Zhen leaps to his death from a window in the middle of class," the description says.
    "It is believed this happened due to pressure of preparing for college entrance exams," it adds.

    The video's authenticity has not been confirmed. But many commenters have said it fits with the trend of depressed Chinese youngsters taking their own lives due to the stress of school.

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  2. you spend time with the weirdest shit on the Internet bro
  3. Better than starting random arguments over nothing.
  4. I wonder what society is like there for children to be suicidal over exam preparation. Surely their emotions are aimed at pushy parents who would punish them in some regard for "failure". I was going to comment about how weak minded you have to be to kill yourself, or attempt to, over exam preparation, but China is fucking weird.

    If this truly is a trend as so eloquently put in the article, then shit needs to change. Or, gruesomely, it might help the overpopulation crisis. Lol I feel bad for that joke.
  5. I feel like you are insinuating that this is what I do, which is just silly.
  6. Fuck China. Seriously. Fuck it. Who cares. Sucks for Chinese people, but shit, sure am glad I wasn't born there.
  7. More of that you don't intend it, but it plays out.
  8. China is a fucked up place. That's all I have to say, better than dying from the air pollution I guess....
  9. Nope I never get into arguments and if you disagree I'll continue posting until I'm proven right.
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  10. I wonder if Chinese society thinks the same about the "western society". I'm betting some of them do.
  11. School from what I understand in eastern Asia is super serious. School's rank you based on grades and performance from number 1 to last to push the importance of performance. School students committing suicide over bad grades/stress is also fairly common in Japan if I am not mistaken.
  12. I'm sure there is a ton of "China is the shit" propaganda, so there has to be.
  14. I'm not sure if you missing the joke is the joke or....
  15. It's not an unknown entity that school is life and death in China specifically (and other countries in eastern Asia as you stated), and there are positives and negatives to how they view and treat school, but something has to change at home if suicide is becoming an option. Regardless of how school officials, or even governments treat schools, you wouldn't commit suicide over it if you had a supportive parenting network. Their society is the problem, not their schooling system, in my opinion.
  16. I got the joke.
  17. Without being all sociological, is it propaganda? If they're nurtured in that environment, then they really might look down on the western side of the world, without the help of their dictatorship-government.

    GOD SOCIOLOGY IS SO INTERESTING, RIGHT? It baffles my mind how two people can have such different points of views because of where they live and what type of culture their environment partakes in.
  18. Not really in Japan :<
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