News Video: Child falls into gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati zoo - Gorilla shot dead

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solidus, May 30, 2016.

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  2. Gorillas are so chill, sucks it had to die :emoji_cry:

    There's petitions to take the child away from his mother lol.
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  3. The real people to blame for the death of the Gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo are not the parents of the child

    The people to blame are those responsible for poaching, those responsible for civil war, and those responsible for habitat destruction

    Humanity rarely exists in many of us these days, and if we're not destroying each other, then we're destroying nature and everything around us

    So let's raise a glass to Harambe, and remember that the animal should never be in a position where he is held captive against his will, because of all the aforementioned
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  4. Ohio doesn't give a fuck if your feelings are hurt
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  5. Parents were stupid, but they made a mistake and had no real control over the situation. The zoo overreacted; better to tranquilize the Gorilla and bring the kid back.
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  6. First thing I thought when I saw this on the news was tranquillise it, parents fucked up but it was a mistake we are all capable of that and does not warrant the death threats they have received.
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  7. It would take a while for the gorilla to pass out. It'd most likely go ape shit once it was shot by the dart or what have you. The mom is likely a retard but I think most of the blame should go to the Zoo. If a kid can just fall into the gorilla's enclosure like that, then it probably means the security isn't that great.
  8. There's a range of different options. Both to sedate the gorilla or to get the kid out. They could've sent a trainer in, since the gorilla was chill and calm. Plenty of options.
  9. That said, I'd still have no problem with taking out the mom though. Humans are pretty shitty and there's way too many of us. Gorillas on the other hand are pretty fucking cool.
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  10. I really don't think it's that easy. And there was a video showing the gorilla dragging the kid around like a rag doll (lol). These fuckers are extremely powerful, a gorilla being "gentle" would still break a person in half. Especially a 4 year old child.
    I fucking love animals and this breaks my little black heart, but all things considered, I don't think there was much else they could do if they wanted to save the kid.
  11. retarded kid < cool ass gorilla
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  12. I wish they hadn't shot and killed the gorilla. A lot of the blame should go on the parent, these things do happen but there's a lot smaller of a chance if you actually watch your damn kids.

    It's heartbreaking that they shot it. I don't like zoos in the first place, I went to one twice when I was little and I've never wanted to go back. I've never liked seeing the animals obviously so unhappy in captivity, never getting to live a full life like they would in the wild.
  13. Saw that. lol'd
  14. Gorilla did nothing wrong. That's fucked up
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  15. It's a shitty situation.

    They can either tranquilize and wait until it takes effect, but then there's a chance the gorilla would erupt and harm the child. No point in risking the chance, so they just kill it.
    Mother should definitely be charged though for not watching the kid.
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  16. I would've just let the gorrila keep the kid as a toy, but then I'd get sued :okay:
  17. Gorillas seem pretty logical. I would have grabbed one of his gorilla buddies for a Mexican stand off. He probably would have released the kid to save his primate pal
  18. Kid break his fucking legs or something? Could've easily looked for an opening and bolted, or tried to chill with it.
  19. It takes at least 10 minutes to get in to that enclosure. You have to climb down, under, and over several barriers. This means the parents were not paying enough attention to the child for at least 10 minutes. The zoo had to kill the gorilla because the people screaming were making him upset and he likely would have killed the child. If everyone stayed calm maybe they could have swayed him away with food but they only had seconds to act. I do think the parents are to blame here. There is no excuse to take your eyes off your child for that long in any place, specially a zoo.
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