Video: CM Punk attended Saturday’s Chicago Blackhawks NHL playoff game!

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    Former WWE Superstar CM Punk attended Saturday’s Chicago Blackhawks NHL playoff game and shot a puck before the game. Footage of the appearance aired on ESPN’s SportsCenter. Punk also spoke about his love for playoff hockey, saying it’s the most exciting thing there is and talking about his plans to continue attending this year’s Blackhawks playoff games.

    :pipebomb: Is back! It another note to be made here is that they call him by "CM Punk" his wrestling name. Not his real name which Talk Dead on AMC called him by his real name. :hmm: ? Does CM Punk have the rights to his wrestling name now!? :hmm: I wonder?​
  2. He was always CM Punk, even before his ROH days, so I would be surprised if he didn't have the rights.
  3. But in WWE that make you sign the right to there gimmick ring name. That why Bryan Danielson is Daniel Bryan b/c he did not know if he would make in WWE so in case he did not he would not sign the right to WWE to used Bryan Danielson and is why he go by Daniel Bryan in WWE. TRUE FACT!
  4. I'm pretty sure Punk owns the rights to his name.
  5. And Punk has always refused to sign the rights to his name over to Vince, because he knows there's always the chance that he might end up leaving WWE and deciding to work for another wrestling promotion (that time almost came in 2011 when he was about ready to walk out), and in that case, he would want to bring his established gimmick name along with him. Punk's mentioned this a few times before in interviews.

    When Punk was on Talking Dead a month or two ago, they introduced him as Phil Brooks, but they still wrote underneath (if memory serves me correctly) "a.k.a CM Punk."
  6. Punk didn't have to sign his rights over. Heyman went to bat for him.
  7. Why isnt this in the locker room? CM Punk is dead, and Phillip Brooks should be in the LR for this kind of dogshit, period. Leave the wrestling section to wrestlers please, comic book fans go in the LR with the rest of the past stars.

    Seriously I love to be a huge douche but who is surprised by this? Giant Chicago fan goes out to see his team succeed in the playoffs. Big surprise? Is it?
  9. Okay....Punk always seems to attend these games lol.
  10. he's a chicago fan, of course he is going to jump on the bandwagon. Big fucking deal.
  11. Yeah, and if you look close, you can see that Punk is a Member of the Illuminati #Conspiracy.
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  12. Who actually gives a fuck?
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  13. I have no idea who or what you are, I'm assuming Adam given your angry nature / Japanese vanilla midget avatar. Given that Punk is one of the most popular guys on this forum I'd say some give a fuck at least. It's a slow news day item but people responded so must care in some way.
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  14. Cubs fans don't get into that shit.
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  15. Oh my god thank you for Wayne's World gifs.
  16. #YOURWELCOME :pipebomb:
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  17. *you're but thanks.
  18. [​IMG]
    Thanks google image search!
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