Video game facts, for you.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by the_hoff, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. Hello hello, fine people of the WWEF. The Hoff here, with another useless thread, as Zach would say, and also some interesting facts. Facts you say? What kind of facts Hoff? Video Game Facts, jack. Soooo, here we go!
    1* The first video game ever created was "Tennis for Two", developed in 1958
    2* The Sims game was originally designed as an architecture game.
    3* Super Mario has appeared in over 120 games. :damn:
    4* Half-Life's first character was called "Ivan the Space Biker"
    5* Creepers (Minecraft) were based on a failed pig model.

    Well there ya go, now you can never say I never did anything for you, my Hoffaholics.
    Btw, Hoff wasn't entirely sure where to put this? Was it destined for the video games section? Or the locker room, because it's an off topic thread? So, the Hoff apologizes to you, the authority. :bury:
  2. 120 mario games Dafaq :shock: I just knew kind of 5 Super Mario games :win:
  3. Not just Mario games, he shows up in other games as well. One example is in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you go to the area where Zelda is, when the Master Sword has not been pulled out, look into the windows. You'll see portraits of video game characters outside of the Zelda storyline, one of them is Mario.
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  4. Can't imagine getting 100 points on that. I wonder how it feels fact, I don't wanna know how it feels to play that game.... :mog:
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  5. Crazy stuff. It would be mind numbing. I imagine its a strange sense of achievement though. Or worse getting like 7 hours in and falling asleep and having to start again.
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  6. *7 hours and 59 minutes in*
    Oh boy Los Vegas here I co--
    *power goes out*
  7. Think I'd break down. Ppl raise money for charity playing it lol.
  8. Read about that. Would rather stick to the Zelda gaming charity...must be a trip to play though if you're on acid.
  9. You would no doubt start imagining passengers and start having random convos with them and just trip ur nuts off.
  10. Hidden Ariwng in LOZ:OOT. It can only be accessed by Gameshark cheats and was used as a Placeholder for a boss within the game.
    Now That's some fact.
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  11. @Queen Chrysalis Oh You liked that Fact? Then how about another one?

    Capcom Cancelled a Port of Resident Evil 1 on the Gameboy Colour because they weren't confident that it would make both Capcom and the Fans happy and the ROM was released onto the internet. The Game was around 90% Complete.
  12. I would just lol to fight an Arwing in Zelda, and for it to be explained. *le Arwing appears* *asks Navi to explain it* Navi: .....*flys away*

    Is it the placeholder for the dragon boss though for the Fire Temple? It does fly around and dive into the ground, so I wouldn't see any other boss being it.
  13. Actually read about it. They used the movements for the Arwing for the boss, which is why the Arwing is accessible in the game due to coding or whatnot.
  14. Here is a General Knowledge Fact: Forrest is better then The Hoff.
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  15. Who's the hoff? :notsure:
  16. Some Guy.....Now I'm getting suspicious.....:notsure:
  17. ok? Nice to meet you too..
  18. Nice to .....Meet You too.....

    I wonder why I was suspicious of you being the hoff for a minute there? :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Oh, I see. Why were ya if you don't mind me asking?
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