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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Roadster, Jul 18, 2014.

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  1. A Video Counterpart to the Shitlist.

    Talk about games and anything that has to do with games.
  2. I'm hoping Ubisoft steps up with Assassin's Creed: Unity/Comet. The series has been on a steady declining slope since Revelations.
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  3. B = Counter, Throw Money and Take cover/hide. Holy hell the struggle. AC2 was a pretty good game but Revalations was a low blow to Ubisoft.
  4. Got the Destiny Beta today. Some people think it's going to be game of the year and that it's the most amazing next gen game yet. I disagree completely. Graphics are dull, it's just another MMO, nothing super special about it. I'm not denying that it's fun, but it does NOT live up to the hype what so ever. People need to chill about it.
  5. Destiny is empty hype.
  6. I miss my SNES... thank God for emulators!
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  7. I have a brand new Spanish NES from the 80's. Never opened.
  8. Nice.. don't open it either... future inheritance right there.
  9. Lol, my parents have invested way to much in land for me to pass that up for my NES.
  10. Sorry, but I'm putting WWE 2K14 on this list. I was SO excited to get a newer version of a WWE game and this one let me down like a sky diver that forgot his parachute. Its fun to play a little here and there, but it is lacking in MAJOR ways.
  11. There's just no reason for you to keep playing once you finish the 30 years thing, but yah once in a while I still like to hop in and play a match or two but that's it.
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  12. Castlevania lords of shadows.

    Shit game.
  13. Was that the first or second of the new gen Castlevania games? I played the first one and I thought it was `aight.
  14. Anybody else love WCW games from the 90's?
  15. I have World Tour and Revenge (Original packaging) for the N64

    Mayhem for the PS1 (Not as good tbh)
  16. Revenge tooted my shits.
  17. Nearly every free game XBL has given away this year to it's gold members.
  18. This isn't JUST a list of bad games. OP.
  19. Recently started playing Happy Wheels. It's pretty entertaining when you have nothing else to do. Also I've been murdering every fucker in Fable 2, gotta live up to the Temple of Shadows brah.
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