Video Games Fall-Winter 2012

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mr Cobalt, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Just a question on any games people want this coming end of the year. There's so many options out there.

    For me, Halo 4 and Borderlands 2 are must gets.

    There's apparently a Counter Strike game that I may have to grab as well.

    Other than that, I want NHL 13, but already have 12 so we'll see if it's time to upgrade.
  2. I dunno about what I would get. Maybe 2k13? Either that or WWE 13 but that's a very low chance :pity:
  3. H4 and CSGO because I'm a sucker.
  4. My Wishlist-WWE '13, Counter Strike GO, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6.

    I need to play the first Borderlands lol
  5. I haven't played a WWE game in years, I may borrow it from someone to test it though...I'd say rent, but all the rental stores died :emoji_slight_frown:

    Borderlands is epic. Beat it in three days when I revisited it.
  6. WWE 13 seems okay but still to me it's a :no:


    I'll just redbox the game 3 months later.
  7. The last WWE game i had was SVR09 lol
  8. I forgot they had video games at redbox. Yes Yes Yes.

    I'm still skeptical on Halo 4, but faithful. And if the alternative is a Call of Duty game, then I'd still rather play a subpar Halo game (as long as there's no armor lock).
  9. RE6, new update for L4d2, NCAA, and my roommate gets new borderlands.
  10. Might just get Halo 4, and if the rumors are true about Majora's Mask being remade for the 3DS I'll also pick that up.
  11. I miss playing that game :sad:
  12. Dw, H4 is already miraculous amounts better than Reach. It has AA's, yes, but none that will unbalance the game. Same for weapon loadouts. Everything from what I've seen is incredibly balanced. It's what Reach should've been.

    Oh and, no AL :yay:


    Yeah right :dawg:
  13. Whoa, there's a L4D2 update?

    And if Majora's Mask goes on 3DS I may just have to get one. That game and OoT were my childhood.
  14. Haven't played Halo in a LOOONG time, might just get Halo 4 AND a 360 to play it since it'll be back to the story, not like freaking Reach and ODST.
  15. Yeah, everything I read had it being balanced, which is exactly what it needs.

    Armor abilities never bothered me as a concept, just the execution of it. Armor lock's ability to enter and exit in half a second, emitting the EMP blast is stupid. Plus the recharged shields is too overpowered. Invisibility+radar jammer is also overpowered.

    As long as its done right, which it appears to be, then I'm all for their inclusion. I guess we'll all know 100% soon enough. Until then I guess it's just stick to Reach and the annoying people online :facepalm1:
  16. Yeah, as I said, so far it seems like Reach but done right. AA's are balanced, they've gotten rid of AL, properly done bloom/recoil, etc. Still a little skeptical, though.

    I haven't played Reach in ~5 months :lol1:
  17. I pay too often hah. I try to get on every couple of days, mainly due to lack of other games to play (besides NHL 12) rather than Reach being any good...because it's by far the worst Halo installment.

    Unless we count Halo Wars or ODST...those I group in another category though.
  18. Really nothing I'm looking forward too.. Just beat a guy 10-6 in nhl99 for the n64 during our NHL thru the ages tourney

  19. I remember NHL99, I played that game forever.

    I miss my N64 in general, I have literally no idea where it went.

    Also, I want to re-buy a Super Nintendo. That system was the first thing I ever truly loved.
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