Spoiler Video: Jeff Hardy Takes Nasty Bump at TNA Lockdown Tapings, Possibly Knocked Out Backstage

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CM Punk, Jan 10, 2015.

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  1. - During tonight's TNA Lockdown tapings in New York City, Jeff Hardy took a very bad bump from the cage and apparently was knocked out backstage after the match.

    Seen in the video at the end of this post, Hardy was knocked from the top of the cage door to the steel steps outside of the cage. He finished the rest of the match but was helped to the back by officials. A fan in attendance noted that crew members and Jeremy Borash were overheard saying Hardy was knocked out backstage.

  2. Damn, can even hear the thud too.
  3. This dude should take it easier.
  4. Saw that this morning, it's so bad even Tommy Dreamer said he wanted Hardy to slow down.

    I hope Hardy's 100% okay after this and will slow down with the big bumps. The guy can continue to be one of TNA's biggest stars if he doesn't do something stupid again anytime soon.
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  5. Christ that sounds bad.
  6. Holy shit He better slow way down
  7. Hardy's known for being a risk-taker and is used to taking crazy bumps, not really surprised this happened.

    I love Jeff, but the dude seriously needs to slow down.
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  8. What a chode.
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  9. The year of nasty bumps - confirmed.
  10. He would just be another guy in wrestling if he didn't do shit like this. Sadly it is the one thing he is good at.
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  11. He'll probably score some gnarly pills tho. I'm sure he'll like that.
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  12. This is definitely true, but at this point, does he really have to keep doing this? He's already a big enough name at this point.
  13. One would think becoming a respected veteran in the business would mean you didn't have to do matches like this anymore.

    INB4 this is just their way of writing Hardy off for the UK Tour....which he should be able to go on now shouldn't he?
  14. I guess, but how long do fans stay fans if you aren't doing what won them over in the first place? Plus it just isn't in Hardy's nature. I'm pretty sure he wants to do this type of shit.
  15. Yeah, I do believe that he refuses to phone it in. Feels like the guy really wants to give it all to his fans. But I don't see the fans turning on Hardy if he stopped taking so many crazy bumps, the marks at least. Although he has done this sort of stuff less frequently recently, so that helps too.
  16. This didn't look like it was meant to be a horrific bump, he just took it rather poorly.
  17. Didn't Hardy turn down the extreme during his last WWE run? And to my memory the fans didn't turn their back on him...
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  18. I guess this bump could've been prettier but I don't really see it as much of a good idea even if it goes well. But yeah, it isn't an insanely sick bump or anything.
  19. I miss Jeff a little bit. He was an annoying spot monkey, but boy did he have his fifteen minutes. Those armband things he wore sold like hotcakes. Those bumps are his career, though. Without them he's useless.
  20. Yes, I read that Hardy's court order is over now so he should be legally allowed to go on the tour but chances are there's some sort of other paperwork he'd need to get done which won't happen.
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