Video: Man shocked 20 times during jail booking

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  1. SONOMA COUNTY — A man being booked into the Sonoma County Jail was TASERed 20 times after he resisted and assaulted corrections staff.

    The Press Democrat reports that Esa Wroth had been drinking at the Forestville Club on Jan. 2, the night of the incident, when he claims he gave his keys to a friend to drive him home. Somewhere on River Road, he says the friend crashed the car and fled on foot.

    Wroth was arrested on drunken-driving charges after tests showed him with a blood-alcohol level of 0.21.

    Deputies stated that Wroth was not following directions during booking, causing them to use force to get him to comply.

    According to Assistant Sheriff Randall Walker, Wroth ripped off a blood-pressure cuff, pulled a pulse monitor from his finger and then backed into a nurse, attempting to bowl the nurse over.

    Deputies tackled him to the floor and were preparing to put him into a restraint chair when he began resisting. They punched and TASERed Wroth to gain compliance, and Walker says that at one point be pulled out the TASER barbs and attempted to bite a deputy.

    Video of the incident begins as Wroth being held on the ground by four deputies as they attempt to place shackles around his waist. Wroth complains and attempts to roll over, and is punched in the back by deputies. They eventually pull out TASERs and shoot him, shouting commands to stop resisting. It does not show events leading up to the use of force.

    A nurse is called when a barb gets stuck in his skin and he is eventually placed on a stretcher to be taken to a waiting ambulance.

    Walker and Wroth’s attorney, Izaak Schwaiger, disagree about Wroth’s facial injuries. Walker maintains that he suffered them in the car accident while Schwaiger says they are the result of the deputies’ use of force.

    Walker said fights with drunk people are common, but the number of TASER deployments on Wroth was unusual. Still, he said he found the deputies did nothing wrong.

    The video will be played next month to jurors when Wroth is tried on suspicion of assaulting a correctional deputy, resisting arrest and driving while intoxicated.

    He faces up to three years in jail if convicted.

    this poor Guy
  2. I'm interested to see the video because he very well could've deserved it.. especially if he kept going off like that.. key advice #1 if you're ever in that position, just go to court for the DUI; don't rip out the cuffs/IVs that are attached when you're in the hospital/injury ward of a prison being watched by the authorities, that is considered as breaking the law right there not to mention everything else he did even after the first initial tasings. This is something that needs to be viewed on video and not heresay to truly determine who is in the right and who was in the wrong.
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  3. there u go i put it up buddy
  4. Booking/jail cops seem to be tweakers (probably on adderral and such) from my experience :urm: . Heartless, soulless assholes.
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  5. and i feel the same way about Bart cop's and street one's this is getting to be to much cop's even killing teen's and other's for what Just because some people act stuipd Doesnt mean for the cop's to #1 Kill someone who isnt doing anything Wrong.
  6. There's quite a bit of excessive action here, should be interesting to see how the results come out for the case.. I'd be pretty surprised to see him get charged with anything close to what he was being booked for, he might even get the charges dropped altogether.
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  7. that wasnt right for the cop's to do that
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