Spoiler Video of my man Brock from Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. ^^^ This just says it all with my man Brock
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  2. Has Bork gotten the news about you two yet?
  3. I actually liked watching Lesnar without Heyman talking. Lesnar isn't the best speaker in the WWE roster, but I liked his promo.
  4. Gotta admit, this was damn good. Not too cheesy or overly scripted, it seemed legitimate. Props to whoever wrote it and to Brock for delivering it so well.
  5. Poor 'Best In The World'. Actually liked the speaking of BROCK LESNAR. The beast vs The 'best' Punky.
  6. Thank you Brock for stating the obvious...for telling me something I already know... next time tell me that 2 + 2 = 4 and that I could get wet if I fall into a swimming pool...... +1 for you Bro
  7. This was awesome. I loved hearing Brock speak here and on Raw since it's been a year since he's really said anything (except for telling that guy to sit down and shut up when he was headed into HHH's office to tear shit up.)
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  8. KLock i respect your points even when we disagree. I'm always right, unfortunately. It's hurtful to my ego to be so wonderful, im sure you know the feeling.

  9. I know the feeling all too well. But you're only right when you agree with me, I'm afraid.
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  10. pity like. It depends, when i wake up tomorrow and quote the post i 100% disagreed on and all i'm going to post, is lol. Go post in the best no sells. I won.

    I really agree with you 50% of the time (as most forum users do, you must be top % of likes with crayo and d'z. Rainman and GN are up there but it doesnt count.

    Even when i disagree, i get where you are coming from, and a percentage of that time i even know im/you're being a fanboy. It's not me so much, as you.
  11. Shit what i was getting at was brocks raw shit was garbage. His timing is off, he takes random breaths that break it up (even did twice on the dank smackdown thread) and clearly someone is giving him word for word. I wish we had sound bytes so i could randomly have Bork posts. This is his one good point, other than that he really has been carried so far.
  12. I did enjoy this one, even the split second where they couldn't edit out his eyes reading the prompt.
    Better than usual from Lesnar!
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  13. Yeah, it was a good promo, but I had to wonder, is there a reason he couldn't have done this promo live on the mic backstage? I think its because Lesnar isn't really that great of a speaker on the mic. Who knows how much editing they did to make this promo as good as it turned out or how many takes it took.

    "Could you give us that line again"
  14. He's really good at these UFC-Style sit down promos.
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