Video of the dark match promo; shows how awesome the crowd were

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. That disco stew chant ftw lol
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  2. Good American Crowd. Wish mania would have been indoors as well.
  3. Worldwide crowd.
  4. Sounds delicious :happy:
  6. Worldwide crowd*
  7. Despite typical lazy ass journalism from The Sun, kudos for putting over WWE and Fandango.
  8. @"dat kid" Mostly americans or a big mix?
  9. Can't stop listening that, the crowd was great and it'll take a long way to find a crowd as good as that was
  10. Mostly American, but there was a good portion of people from other countries, specifically the UK, and they were on the more active side of the arena.

    By the way this is proof that Cena surrendered the WWE Championship to the crowd, so technically I'm the WWE Champion now.
  11. What I heard at the end where "Cena" chants? WWE universe is out of control, they boo him and then they cheer him... WTH is going on?
  12. There were Cena fans in the audience, very few.
  13. lol @ The UK Donks still trying to take credit for that crowd.
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  14. I know but it was strange listening almost all the crowd saying "Cena, Cena"
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