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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JeebaK, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Can someone link me up to the debut videos of the following wrestlers? (Online watchable, i dont want to download.)

    1)Hulk Hogan

    2)Ric Flair

    3)Chris Jericho

    4)Kevin Nash

    5)Mick Foley

    6)Vince Mcmahon

    7)Torrie Wilson

    8)The Big Show

    9)Kurt Angle

    10)Shawn Micheals
  2. 1)Hulk Hogan

    2)Ric Flair

    3)Chris Jericho

    4)Kevin Nash Can't find it he debuted at a house show and I'm not sure of his first tv appearance.

    5)Mick Foley same as above.

    6)Vince Mcmahon He was a commentator for a while but the Mr McMahon character started to really happen directly after montreal.

    7)Torrie Wilson

    8)The Big Show

    9)Kurt Angle

    10)Shawn Micheals apparently this is it.

    All from WWF I think. I missed a few I couldn't find.
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  3. After watching the Jericho Debut video it deeply hurts me to see what he has become. He was a much better face than a heel, and i like that version of his theme much better too.
  4. Many people in the IWC will disagree with you, though you're probably used to that by now.
    Jericho shines as a heel, he's phenomenal.

    Nice post @[seabs] btw.

  5. What makes u think many people in the IWC will disagree with me? Jericho shineD as a heel would be the correct statement, WWE are making a mockery of his talents now by making him the weak heel who who wins by luck, thats not what hes supposed to be.

    And even when he was a heel he used to be entertaining, hes still entertaining but thats primarily because wwe lacks entertainment currently, if THIS jericho was the one that debutted i doubt he would have been this famous.
  6. Different eras, can't compare those characters now.

    Most of the IWC I've seen love Jericho as a heel. Not many people wanted Y2J to return as Y2J. He's gold as a heel, he's one of the best coward heels there's ever been. But I agree, I wouldn't want him as a coward heel I expected something better from those returning vignettes.
  7. *sigh*

    A cool heel is a bad heel.

    Heels really aren't supposed to be brave or have redemptive qualities

    Cheating to win? Yes. Underhanded? Yes. Using refs or other devices? Certainly

    Jericho's character is fine, just as Edge's was. HHH conditioned us to believe a strong heel is the norm... when it never was

  8. So u never liked the heel Kevin Nash? The Heel Undertaker? The Ministry of Darkness? The Heel Kane? The Heel Batista? The Heel Sheamus? Cheating to win by heels is common. But the way he won in that 6 man match at WWE RAW (the one in which r truth got injured) absolutely disgusted me, hes better than having to spend 90% of the times outside the ring.

  9. It's easy to get booed by the marks but he has to do something special to get booed by the smarks aswell. That's why they booked him that way. Everyone wants to see him do more.
  10. What's a heel?

    See Ric Flair; See Freddie Blassie.... heck, Christopher Daniels if you must
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