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It’s been a pretty good week for Seth Rollins.

Middle name Freaking, Rollins got a lifeline from WWE in form of a much needed heel turn on Monday night. Career wise things are once again trending up for Rollins.

On a personal note, last night during a live podcast of UK’s Gorilla Position, Rollins joined the show alongside Becky Lynch. Taking questions from London fans as well as host James Delow, Rollins was asked about his current relationship with Jon Moxley and the final angle they had together in WWE.

Here Rollins attempted to mend some fences.

Following on the last video and seth says him and Jon are good and that he sent him a birthday text n Jon replied saying thanks brother.

So yall can stop acting like they hate each other now you heard from seths mouth they're all good and still brothers.

— Heel Seth supporter ️‍ (@TashaXXRollins) December 12, 2019
“I never had any beef for him leaving. He marches to the beat of his own drum. We were all kind of talking contract wise and we knew his stuff was up. He decided he didn’t want to stay and that had nothing to do with wanting to go somewhere else, he just was exhausted because of the process and wrestling 200 matches a year, traveling an extra 100 days on top of that for six plus years or whatever he did. It was just beating him into the ground. His elbow wasn’t getting better as much as he wanted to.

There was never any beef with him or him leaving at all, at no point. I think some of the comments I made after that were misconstrued. I never had a problem with him leaving or anything like that. I thought some of the stuff he said on the Jericho podcast was a little unnecessary. I thought it was one of those things where he couldn’t handle the pressure. It’s not for everybody at that point, and that’s all I was commenting on. I was commenting on him leaving, not like ‘oh you betrayed us and left’. Absolutely not. I sent him a text on his birthday, which was a few days ago, and wished him well. I hope that he’s good. He seems to be doing great at AEW and New Japan, so I wish nothing but the best for him and his lovely wife.”
Back in June, Rollins questioned if Moxley was equipped to handle the rigors of WWE. While in July, Rollins doubled down on those thoughts with his now infamous ‘He’s trying to take dinner off my table’ quote.

To his credit, Jon Moxley had more of an evenhanded approach to Rollins comments about him.

Thoughts on the Seth Rollins answer above?

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