Video: The revolution revealed.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 24, 2012.

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  1. At first when watching this I was thinking CM Punk was going back to his former self bla bla. But then it just confirmed what I posted the other day - it's WWE 13.
  2. I have officially given up all hope in life =(


    Lmfao.. so it wasnt matt morgan or Conor O'Brian it was CM PUNK LOL
  3. I'll never look at CM Punk the same again

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  4. I still hold on to hope that they could spin this into some sort of summer storyline as well to tie into the game. But knowing WWE they would just bend it over and fuck it up the ass.
  5. I can see it now. Evan Bourne will suplex Rey Mysterio into the ring and it will just shatter.
  6. Lol nothing will come of it.

    I wish they did something similar to Warrior where a YT clip goes viral. They could make like a new debutant attack X superstar on the street, it's filmed like an amateur and uploaded on a brand new channel. Somehow they make that viral.
  7. The game is supposedly supposed to be based around the Attitude Era. This gameplay looks just awful though
  8. Video got removed. :sad:
  9. I removed it. :dawg:
  10. Removed
  11. It's just CM Punk hosting a trailer for WWE 13.
  12. I reposted the video -___-
  13. So it was a trailer for WWE '13? :okay:
  14. We will speak our voice, use our power (background is "If punk loses - we riot") hilarious. I guess Randy is possibly getting his dreams coming true, Punk is almost powerful enough to never lose again! If he shaves and keeps coming out for shoots completely unrelated to his big match at the next ppv, he will start getting little kids cheers and best in the world tees like the real little jimmy's...

    Seriously though, Is this game nintendo ds exclusive? I just posted on the other thread i have been playing No Mercy on my PC again, and i think i could make that showoff, just need a punk create-a-wrestler and to dl his intro to the game.
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