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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by tulik, Sep 11, 2016.

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  1. Hi

    i plan to take my kid next year to celebrate his 13 years at florida to visit the parks and see some WWE shows
    on the wwe site there are no plans for next year beside the wrestlmania (not on my dates :emoji_slight_frown: )
    i would like to know alittle bit more on the VIP tickets and what will be better , if he dreams ti meat John Cena

    its hard to get in conntact with wwe website (no answer)

    please advice

  2. I wish I knew how I can help but until they set the dates, no one will know otherwise.

    What month are you going to Florida?
  3. What month is it you're going down?
  4. its far ....
    October 17 :emoji_slight_smile:
    but i would like to get prepered financaly :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. The 17th of October next year? I recommend just keeping an eye on if WWE is in Florida around that time. As long as NXT is still going out of Full Sail, then you have that, but I wish you luck.
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  6. Hi

    sorry , what u mean by NXT Full Sail ?
  7. WWE's developmental show, NXT, do their recordings out of Full Sail University in Orlando. Full Sail is a school mainly for people going into the entertainment industry so they go there. NXT also does some tours around Florida (and now have been touring more and more).
  8. thanks , ill wait and update

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