Kayfabe Viewers Choice - Bryce Frisco vs Lord Fireshock W/ The Syndicate (FULL MATCH)

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Christy McCarthy: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!...Also, I have just been informed by Co-General Manager Jet Starr, that at the request of Bryce Frisco, this match is now a No Disqualification Match!

Reese MaCleod: No DQ?!

Tony Eckert: Is Bryce crazy?! Actually, yes, yes he is.

Bryce Frisco's theme music hits and he is met with a thunderous reaction from the crowd.

The camera cuts backstage and shows Bryce Frisco walking through a corridor on his way to guerrilla position.

He passes by other members of the Ignition roster on the way, until getting to guerrilla position, where he is stopped by Marie Quinn, who smiles at him.

Bryce stares at Marie and winks.

Marie then lifts up her hand which was just out of camera view, and reveals a steel pipe.

Bryce takes the pipe and walks through the curtain, to a crowd that is cheering for him like maniacs.

Christy McCarthy: Making his way to the ring, currently residing in Miami, Florida! Weighing in at 265 pounds, and would like to be announced as the only real man in this match, Bryce Frisco!

Bryce is at the steel steps by this time, and taps the pipe on the ring post, making a satisfying grin appear on his face.

He gets into the ring and twirls the pipe like a police baton, before putting it into his corner.

As his music dies out, Bryce clutches onto the ropes stage-side and stares towards the entrance mouthing obscenities directed towards The Syndicate.

Lord Fireshock's music blasts throughout the arena and the crowd can be heard trying to boo over it.

Out come Tyson Storm, Todd McKay and War, as sparks rain down from the roof and onto the stage.

Lord Fireshock comes out onto the stage, basking in the boos from the audience in attendance.

Tyson Storm is psyching Fireshock up and yelling at him to destroy Bryce.

War hands Fireshock a microphone, and the four men begin walking down the ramp, as Fireshock begins to talk.

Fireshock: Christy, we don't need to hear you talk, so just leave the ring so I can speak. Bryce, Bryce, Bryce... how's it going "bro"? That arm feeling any better? I mean, you were twirling that pipe pretty well a second ago. Despite bringing a pipe to a fight, I have to say, you really do have some serious guts to stand in that ring knowing that this is going to be your last time standing in any ring.

The Syndicate stand at ringside and all laugh at Bryce.

Fireshock: Bryce, do you have any last words before I break you just like we broke your arm?

Bryce looks at The Syndicate and sucks his teeth, before turning around to walk towards a stagehand holding a microphone.

Once he reaches halfway across the ring, Bryce suddenly turns, sprints towards the ropes and dives over them, landing on top of The Syndicate.

Reese MaCleod: Yes! Yes Bryce!

Tony Eckert: Bryce Frisco getting one-up on The Syndicate before they can all strike!

Bryce gets up to his feet and stomps on Todd McKay's chest, just because he wants to.

War gets up and goes over to Bryce, grabbing him by his shirt and pushing him towards the ring post.

However, Bryce turns it around and sends War into the ringpost himself.

At this moment, Tyson Storm manages to hit Bryce in the back of the knee, causing him to fall down onto one knee.

Tyson yells over to Todd, and the two of them hold Bryce by the arms, as Fireshock finishes taking off his entrance gear.

Fireshock comes over and slaps Bryce in the face a few times, making him red-faced.

Fireshock leans in to talk trash to Bryce, but as he does, he is met with a stiff headbutt from Bryce.

Tony Eckert: Bryce is not one to be held down!

Reese MaCleod: Literally!

Bryce uses his strength to pull Tyson and Todd off of him, he then goes after Fireshock and tackles him to the ground, laying in punch after punch.

Todd and Tyson both jump right back onto Bryce, pull him off and begin viciously beating him.

Tony Eckert: And there it is, there's the numbers game by The Syndicate, this is exactly how we expected this to go. the Syndicate doing everything in their power to absolutely decimate Bryce Frisco.

Reese MaCleod: This is just downright disgusting, it's a brutal mugging, it's a damn gang mentality! This is nothing more than a brutal beatdown, it's not a fair match.

Tony Eckert: Bryce knew what he was getting himself into here tonight, he wanted The Syndicate to be out here, and now I think he's realizing just how much of a mistake he's made.

Tyson and Todd send Bryce flying into the barricade.

Bryce has been unable to get any type of offense in against any member of The Syndicate, and while he's been getting attacked, Fireshock has been sitting on a turnbuckle enjoying the carnage.

War has made his way over to Bryce, and begins stomping on his head, while Bryce is trying to defend himself by covering his head.

Tyson Storm looks at Todd McKay and tells him to get the pipe that Bryce brought in, meanwhile Tyson himself gets a steel chair from under the ring.

War picks up Bryce and holds him in front of Todd, who is winding up the pipe as if he was up to bat at a baseball game.

Todd McKay swings for Bryce's stomach, but Bryce moves out of the way and Todd nails War with the Pipe, causing him to double over in pain.

Bryce turns around and pushes Todd into the steps, but as soon as he does, Tyson Storm blasts Bryce in the back of the head with the steel chair, and continues laying into his back once he's down.

Bryce appears to be unconscious as Tyson tells Fireshock to come back outside of the ring.

Tony Eckert: I can't believe what we're witnessing right now, this needs to be stopped before the man is killed, he just got hit in the back of the head with a chair! This match needs to be called off and we need some medical help for Bryce!

Reese MaCleod: Bryce, forget about all of this, please just lay down!

Tyson Storm and Fireshock have lifted up Bryce and rolled him into the ring at this point, and Bryce is laying flat on his back with his arms outstretched.

Fireshock is playing to the crowd and taunting them, before he walks over to Bryce and stands over him, laughing.

He motions for the referee to come over, and gets on one knee next to Bryce.

He places one finger on Bryce's chest and the referee begins to count.


Suddenly Bryce springs up, grabs Fireshocks arms and rolls him up into a small package.

One! Two! Th-

Fireshock barely kicks out of the surprise pin from Bryce Frisco.

Tony Eckert: Damn it! He almost had him!

Fireshock hurries backwards into the corner and stares at Bryce, who is using the ropes to slowly get up.

Bryce is halfway up, when Fireshock comes over and kicks him in the stomach, making Bryce stumble into the turnbuckle.

Fireshock comes over and methodically punches Bryce in the head, before running off the ropes and back, hitting Bryce with a dropkick in the corner, causing Bryce to drop to the mat.

Fireshock taunts the crowd and begins climbing the turnbuckle.

Bryce, noticing this, gets up and lunges towards the top rope, making Fireshock fall and crotch himself on the top turnbuckle.

Bryce takes advantage and slowly positions Fireshock on his shoulders.

Reese MaCleod: Wh-wait a minute, what's Bryce doing?

Tony Eckert: Oh my-Bryce no, don't do it!

Bryce walks into the center of the ring with Fireshock on his shoulders, and hits perhaps one of the most dangerous moves in wrestling, the Burning Hammer.

The crowd let out an extremely loud "OH!" followed by "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!"

Both Fireshock and Bryce are down in the center of the ring, neither man moving.

Bryce begins to stir, turns over onto his stomach, and crawls into the pin.

One! Two!

To the amazement of everyone, Fireshock forcefully kicks out of the pin and pushes Bryce off of him.

Out of the corner of camera view, War runs into the ring towards Bryce and hits him with a stiff boot to the back.

War picks Bryce up, but before he can make a move, Bryce hits a FrisCold out of desperation, sending War rolling out of the ring.

Todd McKay comes into the ring and takes advantage of Bryce's positioning and hits him with one of his famous Wheelbarrow Facebusters.

Tony Eckert: Oh man, and it has to be all over, that was Todd McKay's finishing maneuver! He just floored Bryce with that.

Tyson Storm enters the ring and lifts Bryce to the pint of kneeling.

Holding Bryce by the hair, he slowly sets up for a clubbing blow to the head, but Bryce quickly hits Tyson with a low blow, sending him out of the ring in sheer pain.

Bryce stands up and is grabbed by Todd, who holds him as a set-up for Fireshock.

Fireshock gets into position and goes for his Burning Lights superkick on Bryce, but hits Todd Mckay as Bryce gets out of the way.

Fireshock is distraught after hitting one of his teammates, and Bryce takes advantage of a distracted Fireshock.

He lifts him up in an electric chair position, then drops him forward, catching him in a German Suplex with a bridging pin!

Tony Eckert: It's the Rise and Set!

Reese MaCleod: His best freaking shot, and he hit it!

One! Two!

Tyson Storm pulls the referee out of the ring, breaking the count.

Bryce goes towards the ropes and stars yelling at Tyson, as the referee gets back into the ring.

Bryce turns around, but Tyson reaches under the bottom rope and trips Bryce, who is then caught by Fireshock and hit with a Shockplex leading into a pin!

One! Two! Th-

Tony Eckert: And Bryce kicks out! He's still alive in this one!

Reese MaCleod: What does it take to put this man away?! He's like a tank!

Fireshock slams his hands on the mat repeatedly out of frustration.

Fireshock looks at Tyson and yells to get a table.

Tyson obliges and slides a table into the ring, which he and Fireshock set up together.

Fireshock goes over to Bryce to pick him up, but instead has his leg pulled from under him causing him to land face first on the middle turnbuckle, making blood come from his nose.

Tyson runs to Bryce, but is caught, sent to the ground and put into an armbar!

Reese MaCleod: Payback is a bitch!

Tony Eckert: He wants to break the arm!

Bryce has the submission in on Tyson Storm for no more than five seconds before Fireshock hits a running knee to the face of Bryce Frisco, busting him open.

Tyson Storm rolls out of the ring, and stands next to Todd McKay and War, who have gotten up from earlier.

Bryce Frisco is barely conscious at this point as Fireshock moves the table to the center of the ring.

Fireshock picks up Bryce and powers the 265 pound Bryce onto the top turnbuckle.

Tony Eckert: This doesn't look good for Bryce.

Reese MaCleod: Come on Bryce, you can still win!

Fireshock does a cut throat motion, signaling the end for Bryce.

For a moment, he stares at Bryce, who is bloody and battered from this match.

He does the old K.O.W hand sign, and spits in the face of Bryce Frisco before climbing the turnbuckle.

He puts him in position for a Shockplex off the top turnbuckle.

The crowd stands on their feet and begin yelling.

Fireshock jumps back with Bryce and hits an Avalanche Shockplex right through the table.

Tony Eckert: Oh my god!

Reese MaCleod: There's no way he's getting up, Fireshock just killed Bryce with that top rope Shockplex!

Fireshock rolls over onto Bryce, draping one arm onto Bryce's chest to make the cover.

The referee's hand lands for a one.

The crowd falls silent.

The referee's hand lands for a two.

Tony Eckert and Reese MaCleod fall silent.

The referee's hand raises in the air.

War, Todd McKay and Tyson Storm stare in disbelief.


The bell rings and the arena is dead silent.

The Syndicate celebrate and cheer for Fireshock.

Christy McCarthy: Here is your winner...Lord Fireshock.

The Syndicate come into the ring and help Fireshock to his feet, and raising his arms in victory.

War and Todd McKay help Fireshock out of the ring, while Tyson Storm leads them up the ramp and to the backstage area.

Meanwhile in the ring, medical personnel and trainers tend to the unconscious and bloody Bryce Frisco, still laying in the middle of the ring, amongst the remains of a table.
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