Weekly Viewers Choice (Week 14) - Match Card

Will The Syndicate leave Viewers Choice with all the power?

  • Yes, The Syndicate will reign supreme.

  • No, The Syndicate will be crushed.

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LIVE FROM: Gainesville, Georgia


SPARK World Championship

Lilith Young (@impactking) vs Christina Morgan (@Fireshock) vs Vanessa York (@Hybrid) vs SPARK World Champion, Terra Hayze (@Emo)

Tony Eckert:
Welcome to Viewers Choice, live from the phenomenal Gainesville, Georgia!

Reese MaCleod: This is a stacked show, filled with influence from you, the fans of Ignition!

Tony Eckert: And we'll be starting off the show with a blockbuster of a match, it will be Terra Hayze defending her SPARK World Championship for the first time against former champion Vanessa York, and two women who will most likely be champion one day, in Christina Morgan and Lilith Young.

Reese MaCleod: Now, originally, this match was supposed to be contested under "Falls Count Anywhere" rules, however because of your voting, due to a three way tie, only Christina Morgan will be allowed to compete with basically no rules.

Tony Eckert: Astoundingly Christina was not voted for, so the other three women will have to abide normal rules otherwise they will be disqualified from contention.

One-on-One -Jet Starr Original

Emerson Zayne (@Emo) vs War (@Papa Franku's ear)

Reese MaCleod:
Now this was an un-announced match ladies and gentlemen, and do to that, unfortunately there was no time to have any fan interaction for it.

Tony Eckert: This came about after some tweets were sent back and forth between both men, in an awkward exchange, that led to Co-General Manager Jet Starr making this match-up tonight.

Reese MaCleod: This match has an added stipulation, being that whoever loses cannot challenge for a championship for the next month, and that includes War's Gold Rush Briefcase.

Tony Eckert: As well, Emerson did just recently defeat the Intercontinental Champion, so him losing out on an opportunity like that could be very detrimental to him.

One-on-One, Ladder Match
Intercontinental Championship

Chris Young (@impactking) vs Intercontinental Champion, Todd McKay (@MintMidget69)

Tony Eckert:
Ironically following that match, is the actual Intercontinental Championship match featuring former champion Chris Young and current champion Todd McKay.

Reese MaCleod: After the poll for this match was done and over with, one result stood tall, and that was that you all wanted to see them compete in a grueling ladder match.

Tony Eckert: This will surely be as hard hitting as they come, because these two men are going to go to hell and back if it means they'll walk out as the Intercontinental Champion.

Reese MaCleod: Especially after their last match ended with such controversy. And Jet has asked me to let everyone know, that whoever loses this match will not be able to challenge for the championship for as long as the winner of this match holds the belt.


@Fireshock vs Bryce Frisco

Reese MaCleod:
Oh boy, what a match this is going to be,as we will see a fantastic competitor in "Lord" Fireshock, going up against a man who I may not like...at all, but I will admit was and probably still is, one of the most dominant forces in the storied history of this company.

Tony Eckert: This is the reason Bryce is not out here tonight on commentary, as he is currently preparing for his very first match in a while. The last time we saw him in a ring he was a reigning, defending and undefeated, in singles action, champion.

Reese MaCleod: Well, tonight we will find out if Bryce Frisco will keep his status of not being pinned in a single match going, or if he'll lose in spectacular fashion.

Tony Eckert: Unbiased commentary with just a hint of salt. Well done Reese.

Reese MaCleod: Well when you sit next to Bryce every week, a little bit of douchebag tends to rub off on you.

Tony Eckert: Amen to that.

Reese MaCleod: Hold on, I'm being told that there's something going on backstage, so let's see if we can get a camera back there.

The feed goes backstage, where Bryce Frisco is seen pounding on the door of the Co-General Managers office.

Jet's name is on a plaque to the side, while Alex's name is spray painted onto the door in black.

Bryce: One of you three open the damn doooooorrrr. Heeellllooooo????

Bryce sniffs the air.

Bryce: What the fu-.......what's that freakin' smell?

Marie Quinn, with a surgical mask covering her mouth, opens the door.

Paint fumes blast Bryce in the face.

Jet: Y'know, the board isn't going to appreciate you getting us all high off of paint fumes, Alex. That's not very responsible from someone in your position.

The camera turns to the other half of the room to show Alex spattering red and black paint all over his side of the office.

Alex continues "painting".

Bryce: Ok, since he's over there trying to resurrect a crappier version of Painted Crazy, I'll just talk to you. So I'm not stupid like apparently every wrestler in history, because I went on our website and actually saw that the outcome of the poll for my match, was tied. I could care less about some conspiracy theory of The Syndicate paying to get votes, and whether or not it's tied to Russia, all I care about is what you're going to do about it.

Jet: Well bro, if me and Marie had to decide......considering this is your first match in a while and we want to make sure this match is as fair as possible...we'd have to say no to having The Syndicate at ringside for your match with Fireshock.

Bryce looks at Jet with an angry face and begins to speak in a stern voice.

Jet, you listen up. I know you're my brother, but I could give two flying [censored] if the match is fair or not. If Forrest Gump wants to bring the other Rejects of Wrestling, their mothers, their second cousins and their best friends from their fourth time in third grade to ringside with him, then let it be. I don't care if the amount of people at ringside rivals the amount of people in the crowd during this match.

Bryce slams his hands onto the desk, making a few objects bounce off of it and onto the floor.

Bryce: I. Want. All. Of. Them. Not one of them. Not two of them. I want all of them. They tried to ruin me, and even worse than that, they tried to make me look weak. You can break my arm and beat me half to death, but I'll be damned if I go out like a bitch. Screw the poll, screw the tie, and screw your opinion. Allow The Syndicate at ringside.

Marie walks up to Bryce and puts her hand on his shoulder to calm him down. He just looks at her and calmly moves her hand away.

Bryce: Not now, Marie.

Jet: Bryce...I don't like this. I don't want them at ringside and every fiber of my being is telling me not to let them out there. Ultimately, I...ugh, and Alex, have the final say...You already know my opnion, but obviously you don't care. I just have one question for you Bryce...are you sure that you want this.

Bryce: The only thing I've ever been more sure about was my wedding day.

Jet looks over to Alex.

Jet: Hey, Bob Ross, what do you think?

The camera goes back to Alex, who turns around to show he now has a gas mask on.

Alex: Hell if I care...Do you think this is enough red?

Marie: Where did you get....nevermind.

Bryce: You heard Picasso. Your call. Make the wrong one, because I don't like the right one.

Jet: Fine. You got it. The Syndicate is allowed at ringside for your match, which means anything they do is legal.

Bryce: So is the ass kicking of a lifetime they'll get.

Bryce turns and walks away and the door can be heard closing. Jet is staring in the direction of the door...when some red paint splatters onto his white jacket.

Alex: Whoopsies!

Jet lets out a very audible sigh.

The feed goes back to ringside.

Tony Eckert: I hope Bryce knows what he just got himself into.

Reese MaCleod: Even I'm worried for the guy. Bryce, please we need you to get the job done tonight.

Tony Eckert: Just make sure you can make it back to commentary do you don't leave me with just him.

One-on-One, No Holds Barred

Ignition World Championship

Tyson Storm ( C Closed ) vs
Ignition World Champion, Luis Alvarado (@Hybrid)

Reese MaCleod:
In nothing short of what will be a blockbuster, Tyson Storm will once again challenge Luis Alvarado in a No Holds Barred match, as voted on by all of you.

Tony Eckert: Since there are no rules, this match can truly go in the favor of either man. This match will basically decide the future of Ignition, because if Tyson Storm manages to win here tonight, then with The Syndicate at his side, I don't think a damn soul can stop him.

Reese MaCleod: We've faced threats like this before, and this company, no matter what form, always found a way to fight back...if Bryce fails tonight and then, if Luis fails tonight...then...then...

Tony Eckert: Then we might as well re-brand ourselves and fly the flag of The Syndicate. The people have the power tonight, let's see if your voices are enough to help our fight, tonight, at Viewers Choice.
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