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SPARK World Championship

Lilith Young (@impactking) vs Christina Morgan (@Fireshock) vs Vanessa York (@Hybrid) vs SPARK World Champion, Terra Hayze ( Emo Emo ) {NO CONTEST}

Tony Eckert: Well everyone, the utter chaos for the night started before Viewer's Choice even had a chance to begin!
Reese MaCleod: I still can't believe what lengths Terra went through to retain her title.
Tony Eckert: Well, Co-General Manager Alex Pierse did tell her that she needed to prove to everyone that she deserved her position, and though it wasn't in the ring, she did prove herself to be a mastermind in the sport.
Reese MaCleod: Criminal is what that was!
Tony Eckert: I'm not a fan of what she did either, but taking out each competitor before the PPV was a good strategy, and it allowed her to keep her championship for another night.
Reese MaCleod: She threw Vanessa face first through a mirror! She beat Christina down with a steel pipe! And she nearly crushed Lilith's skull with her knee! That was criminal, Tony!
Tony Eckert: It is the business, Reese. I'd expect you of all people to understand it after what happened to you.
Reese MaCleod: ...

One-on-One -Jet Starr Original

Emerson Zayne ( Emo Emo ) def.
Gold Rush Winner War (@Papa Franku's ear)

Tony Eckert: Alright, let's change topics. Tonight we saw Emerson and War go to war where the stipulation was that the loser would be unable to compete for any championships until after Contest of Champions. This was a stipulation added by Co-General Manager Jet Starr, but it wasn't long before the match began that Co-General Manager Alex Pierse would add yet another stipulation. Tired of hearing Emerson constantly talking down on himself, Alex told him that if he did not "inspire hope" tonight, then he would be fired from Ignition!
Reese MaCleod: Though I think that it was a little bit harsh of a stipulation, I guess I can understand why he made it.
Tony Eckert: Well in the end, Emerson would do as told, defeating the Gold Rush Winner, not only forcing War to be unable to compete for any championships, but it also allowed Emerson to keep his job.
Reese MaCleod: Though, I don't think that was the only way that he inspired hope tonight-
Tony Eckert: A topic which we will talk on in a few minutes.

One-on-One, Ladder Match
Intercontinental Championship

Intercontinental Champion, Todd McKay (@MintMidget69) def. Chris Young (@impactking)

Tony Eckert: Before we touch on that, let's talk about the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match.
Reese MaCleod: This match honestly didn't go on as long as I expected it to. In the past we've seen these two be fairly even matched, so to see Todd McKay able to retrieve his title as fast as he did was unexpected.
Tony Eckert: Yeah, though it still was a good match between two. Not to mention that this time McKay won it on his own, without the help of the rest of The Syndicate.
Reese MaCleod: We can't say that about he next match though...


@Fireshock def. Bryce Frisco

Tony Eckert: Though Bryce may not be our favorite co-worker, I don't believe he deserved what happened to him tonight.
Reese MaCleod: Yeah, we may not get along very well, but seeing The Syndicate continue what they started a few weeks back, it was just.. disgusting.
Tony Eckert: I have to agree on that. I sincerely hope that Bryce has a speedy recovery, and we look forward to having you back with us as soon as possible.
Reese MaCleod: Now I don't know about that-

One-on-One, No Holds Barred

Ignition World Championship

Ignition World Champion, Luis Alvarado (@Hybrid) def. Tyson Storm (@Frosty)

Reese MaCleod: -but I won't ruin the sentiment. Instead, we can talk about the moment of the night where The Syndicate finally met their match!
Tony Eckert: Yes, because the night would end in the same way it began, in utter chaos! In the main event, we saw World Champion Luis Alvarado and the leader of The Syndicate Tyson Storm put everything they had into this match, and it still wasn't enough!
Reese MaCleod: And because of that, Tyson would once again resort to underhanded tactics to attempt to gain the victory, when he summoned his allies in The Syndicate to help him finish of the World Champion.
Tony Eckert: This time though, things did not go his way. Just as it seemed that Luis reign was coming to an end, the cavalry arrived in the name of William McCoy, Emerson Zayne, and most surprisingly, Minho!
Reese MaCleod: Finally opposition rose to face the tyranny of this group! I mean the teamwork of Emerson and McCoy was astounding! And Minho's underhanded tactics were well timed!
Tony Eckert: The unexpected teamwork from these guys would pay off in the long run, as not only did Luis retain the championship, but The Syndicate was finally shown to not be as dominant of a force as they had lead us to believe over the past few months.
Reese MaCleod: I can't do anything else but hope that this new alliance will be able to put an end to The Syndicate once and for all!
Tony Eckert: Well, only time will tell on that. Thank you again everyone for voting as well as tuning in to Viewer's Choice, and we can't wait to see you next week for Ignition! Good night everyone!
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