Viewership and Ratings For 10/26 IMPACT Wrestling Episode

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  1. The October 25 Episode of IMPACT Wrestling scored 1,187,000 viewers (down from last week) and a 0.97 rating. TNA continues to struggle with viewership especially since NFL Season began (and since their timeslot change).

  2. They need to go back to 9pm ASA Freakin P.
  3. If It would improve their ratings I'm all for it, what would Spike say?
  4. Why did they change the timeslot? The first hour always gets less viewers, they should go back to 21 as Testify said.
  5. They changed it on May 31st, the first live episode. There was thinking that there would be more viewers as its summer coming and kids have no school more, and similar. It turn out to be a mistake, as their ratings are in the range of 2009, and way down from 2010 and 2011, when they were pretty good.
  6. It was okay.
  7. i thought that tna was good this week :burns:
  8. Yeah, I remember they changed when they went live, but I thought they were forced to by the newtork or something. They should go back to 9 indeed.
  9. I wouldn't say "forced", but there alot of TV companies that don't want pro wrestling on their network, so TNA HAS to have good relationship with Spike, because if Spike TV wants something to happen (e.x. more Hogan or RVD on TV, another champion), because they feel it would improve their ratings, then TNA would probably have to listen to it. It's business. All in the game yo, all in the game.

    Right now (although the earliest I think it'll happen is first show of 2013), the best move is go back to 9pm and stay live. Mid-year next year, go one month on the road (and live ofc), one month stay in the IZ. Just rotate, plain and simple. It'd show if the viewers care where the show is held.
  10. I don't understand that though because isn't TNA their most watched show on the network? I highly doubt SyFy has as much influence as you think.
  11. Yes it is the viewed show on Spike in my knowledge, has been for a couple of years now.

    Why did you bring up SyFy?

    They (the network) definitely have solid influence on the product, especially if the ratings are low (like now), and get to dictate some stuff around, push officials buttons, it's just the way it is.
  12. Spike, SyFy, same thing :okay:
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