Vince and the announcers taking the piss out of the crowd

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  1. I really loved it for some reason. I hate those fucking douchebags though. It was great the one Raw after Mania where it was like legit and felt organic.. when Brock returned. Since then all of the crowds post Mania have been trying to live up to that and just being a bunch of faggots. I hate them.

    Vince and Cole selling to the tv audience that these fans are goons was great.
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    Dude, I completely fucking agree. These fans are the absolute worse.

    It's why sometimes I get a kick out of Vince's booking. I swear Mania was just a "fuck you" to all of dem smarks.
  3. I'd rather a crowd like tonights than the dead crowds we get usually.
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  4. Why does it have to be one or the other doe
  5. It doesn't just saying the post mania crowd trumps most of the other crowds throughout the year. What was the issue this year? They didn't try to get themselves over too much did they?
  6. I didn't watch most of the show tbh. Them trying to banter with Jericho was annoying
  7. New York crowds are the sweet spot. Amped to be there, cheer the talented people, and don't put themselves over. You're not like to get a CM Punk chant either like you would in Chicago.

    Gotta say though, the WM crowd was weak. Reigns got no reaction when he won it seemed like, which is worse than boos.
  8. They turned the mics down when he won didn't they?
  9. Might've been it, but they weren't that loud the rest of the night either. Seemed like a Philly crowd, not a WM crowd.
  10. This. The mics got turned down and the music up both during Reigns entrance and the win.
  11. To be fair on the Mania crowd. With all the trouble getting into the building I can understand them being tired and quiet
  12. It was at least filled for the most part once the pre-show was over. Yeah though, Kalisto retained in front of 2k people maybe.
  13. Those people had still been waiting outside for about an hour and a half extra in Texas heat.
  14. I'm usually fine with rowdy crowds, as long as they don't start chanting 'WE ARE AWESOME'.
  15. They just came across as Raw After WM29 wannabreeze
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  16. Kinda would make the smarks look pretty important if Vince booked his biggest show of the year the way he did just to antagonize them/us...
  17. Yeah the mark crowds have become really common now... Good to have them cuz they make the biggest pops and can change some things in WWE
  18. That's one way to think about things.
  19. They should probably change their diapers first, fucking crybabies.
  20. The crowds are cool, since they seem into the show. But they try too hard. The post WM 29 crowd was really cool, since it was unique and it was uber loud. Almost every other post Mania crowd tries so hard to attain the same level of fun that crowd had. It gets annoying, but I can live with it. As long as the crowd isn't dead or near dead, then I'm fine.
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