Vince Blames Maddox For Segment Disastor

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Interesting that Cole was asked to bury it. That made it more entertaining anyway.
  2. >Overscripting shows is the problem
    >They try to fix it by changing everything with last minute rewrites
    >oh, WWE.
  3. Buh bye Maddox :happy:
  4. But HHH loves him :why:

    Wonder what HHH vs Vince would be like.
  5. Honestly was a smart move burying it as it made it pretty funny. Plus watching Maddox get so flustered as he completely tanked was quality.
  6. honest to god someone link my goddamn it

    Very end of that, and beggining of this:
  8. I felt borderline bad for Maddox as he looked so flustered and was obviously screwing up big time, but it was too hilariously awful. Cole's commentary just added to it. Such a horrible segment as far as going awry though.
  9. "the original script they had for Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel was a “really bad” one so they changed it completely and spent hours re-doing the segment."

    Wow, any way we can see the original script? :dawg:
  10. I thought Maddox was okay tbh lol. His character sort of is a fuck up so even if he did mess up his lines, he'll still came out of looking okay I thought?
  11. Vince blaming the "new guy" doesn't sound that illogical either. Character or not Maddox did bumble about a bit, and then actually being in a segment with three very good-excellent mic workers would only enhance the effect of him looking bad in comparison. Easier to blame the new guy than pointing the blame at three guys he actually knows can talk and improvise.
  12. Was pretty sure Cole was told to bury it, and Maddox may end up taking the blame but it didn't look as bad as it could've since his character sort of does stuff like that anyway.
  13. Well maybe you can PLAN for when this stuff happens....oh wait lol WWE being prepared? Next thing you know there'll be diet water as well.
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  14. Maddox looked great. I laughed so hard when he said "somebody get the Jeritron 6000 out of the ring"
  15. That's what I thought originally before it was confirmed that it really was a fuck up. Honestly, I don't think it's that much of a big deal. I'm a broadway/musical/play geek and I've been to plenty of improv plays and shows and Maddox's improv doesn't even come near to being the worst I've seen to date.
  16. Was this play performed in front of 4 million people?
  17. Does it matter? :hmm:
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Actually, I'm a bit more lenient with bigger crowds because as you can probably imagine, doing anything in front of all those people is hard as hell. It's so easy just to fuck up.
  20. Meh, it suited Maddox's Character, but you could tell it was improvised when Jericho zinged him at the end.
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