News Vince & Cena "very high" on one superstar

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 7, 2013.

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    I can believe this. He has the look Vince would love, and has the strength/friendship that Cena would love.
  2. Big friends indeed. Now the question is, can he pull it off?
  3. I thought Young was supposed to be black Cena :robbie:
  4. It'll end up like Ryback, just you watch!
  5. And how will that end up? We have yet to see the final product with Ryback yet since he is going threw a character overhaul right now.
  6. He'll be like this- "John, you were supposed to be my friend, you were supposed to be there for me.. But then I realized that you were the one everyone cared for, not me. I also realized that you are the cancer of the WWE. I don't need you and I don't need your friendship!" *Attacks Cena, gets a huge pop, and is he new "big-heel of the company.
  7. I think you are mixing your kayfabe with our non-kayfabe.
  8. Well if he's as funny as his tweets, I'm actually looking forward to this.
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  9. Big E is going far for sure now.
  10. I don't make a big deal out of reports where Vince and/or a top talent (Cena, HHH, etc.) are high on them. There's been people that's been said about in the past that haven't panned out. A lot of times Vince especially is "high" on someone, they go nowhere. Vladimir Koslov went nowhere. Ryback has been booked on a losing streak. Drew McIntyre is in a comedic joke of a group. Damien Sandow hasn't been doing a whole lot interesting as of late. It's not late for a few of these guys, just saying.
  11. Well Vladimir is gone, Ryback was thrown in since Cena was gone in HIAC, so he couldn't really beat Punk during his reign, but he is still in the main event. There doesn't really seem like much for Drew anywhere, but if at anytime they need him to go up when there is a spot, he can betray the band and whatnot. And it's not really gone for Sandow, they just need to make him look interesting.

    As for Big E, I'm sure that this is true. He is with the World Heavyweight champion, on Raw, has the look, is the NXT champion, and just seems like the kind of wrestler Vince wants.
  12. It's great that you regard Big E's future so highly HHH, but that doesn't mean you have to burden one of your best talents with E's untalented moobiness.
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  13. Really? Big E is so damn awkward it's not even funny
  14. This is great news, ive been a fan of Langston for a while and Cena has been fond of Big E since E started to train at Cena's private gym (Shown in a Cena Vs Rock 1 promo)
  15. If he develops into a more interesting character overall I'm all for it. And extends his moveset too.
  16. Big E could be a powerhouse heel, not sure how he would go as face. Another great thread Cynthio.
  17. At first I didn't like this guy but now I am starting to like him.

    Have to change his outfit though.
  18. You can tell Vince is high on him by botching something simple with him already.
    Why oh why is he using this generic theme?

    Guess it's warranted, he's so damn over on NXT
  19. He's a face on NXT and he's pretty funny. He has an obsession with the number 5 (he always pins people for a 5 count) and is a bit of a loveable goof, talking about his yoyo collection during interviews and such.
  20. Well i guess i am wrong. That is a weird character, but if he pulls it off more power to him.
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