Vince does the ice bucket challenge

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 16, 2014.

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  1. Vince is always fun to watch.
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  2. Expected this to be about Linda at first. Why is this a thing? Is this a thing?
  3. Celebrities do it. Either you dunk a bucket of ice water over your head or you donate money.
  4. Oh my god, suddenly saw like 5 of these (including ones done by CM Punk which is cool) and I wonder, does this charity still get money even if you dunk a bucket of ice water over your head? I'm having a stupid moment I think...
  5. Most of them still donate money. It's a way to make people notice.
  6. Ahh, thought so. It's pretty cool too. :emoji_grin: Also a good way to get people you don't really like get soaked...
  7. "Anything that Triple H can do, I can definitely do better."

    Prophetic words... Although Triple H spitting out the water > Vince keeping the bucket on his head.
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  8. Not impressed but cool Vinny Mac did it. I expected one moved to stay on your shoulders. Oh noes! 1.5 minutes of cold!

    Kermit the frog would have made it look more badass, but cool he did it for ALS.
  9. Are you implying he's waiting for HHH to fall short of the bar Vince set?
    I've considered this, which is why he's allowed HHH to bring Flair back.
    Vince said in an interview that it would take many people to fill his shoes, as Vince wears so many hats backstage.
    I've always agreed with that, but also believed Shane would have to be involved as well in some way.
  10. lol what a maniac
  11. Yeah, basically the rules are you donate and do the challenge, then dare others to do the challenge as well. If they refuse they are supposed to donate a higher amount or something like that. I have seen dozens of these from people I know and celebrities lately. Bill Gates' was pretty cool. Built a whole rig to dump water on him.

    On the same note, I have seen some people pussy out and use like 6 ice cubes in a bucket. Not impressing me. Fill a tub up with ice and take a soak and then I'll be impressed.

    Got a good laugh out of this though. I wanna see Maria do it too! :fap:
  12. Yeah, HHH's kicked ass. He had ALOT of ice compared to others I have seen do it
  13. Oh just read Chris Pratt (of GotG) challenged Batista to do it as well
  14. Lana should do it in the white outfit she wore yesterday.:gusta:
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  15. What other multimillionaire at his age would do this? Vince truly is quite a talent! :heenan:
  16. I should have typed "Hopefully these aren't prophetic words." Until Triple H actually takes the mantle, we'll never know how effective he will or won't be at the job until he's actually assumed complete control. I love the fresh outlook he has on WWE today and he's certainly already come up with enough good ideas to inspire hope, but I also doubt that he has the same maniacal creative vision that Vince has on his best days. Luckily for HHH, the company is already a well-oiled machine, but as Bischoff pointed out on JR's podcast, it's theirs (counting Stephanie) to screw up.
  17. Ummmm..........I'll be right back

  18. Vince brought Maria Manuonos for political reasonss. She's a member of the NBC universe and it makes her look good.
    That's quite unfortunate. Cruise control is quite lame. The last thing HHH wants to do is ruin Vince's legacy.
    I do believe HHH and Stephanie could use help in the form of an outside consultant. I mentioned Shane, but that mention was many years back.
    Paul Heyman is a name but there are certain to be staff members on creative we do not yet know about.
    I'm sure there is a member of creative who stands out among the rest, but isn't because of politics.
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