Vince doesn' care about the talent...

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  1. Proof positive that Vince McMahon doesn't give a shit about the fans, or his talent. The weather forecast for the day/night of Wrestlemania is this....hi of 59, low of 37. the wind at Giants stadium(I refuse to call it anything else) is horrendous, so lower that temp 5-10 degress due to wind chill. What an asshole.
  2. As if he could predict the weather? It's not the first ever open stadium Wrestlemania and it won't be the last.
  3. Its not like he can change the weather though and changing the venue now would be monumental just based on a weather forecast.
  4. Hope it rains and snows ! It would be so freakin cool :haha:
  5. Haha would be quality if there was a snowstorm/thunderstorm and WM got called off.
  6. LOL vince in the middle of the ring saying..sorry,we have to close the show before ir begins.
    Please leave the stadium and go home.
    We are not giving you the money back :dawg:
  7. Ppl would never thinking it was a work and expecting SCSA to appear and deliver a stunner.
  8. Ur just get that I knew that 2 years ago! :pipebomb:
  9. Are you going to WM? Ok?ok!
  10. No I not :sad:
  11. Why not bro?Its gonna be punk vs taker and FTJ is not gonna be there?:mad2:Werent you from NY?
  12. OMFG I LIVE IN WESTERN NY! Which 8 hours away from NY City!
  13. Cold isn't an issue because of the lights, not to mention they can easily put heaters at ringside. The much bigger problem is the chance of rain. Wonder if Vinny would still make them go into a heavy rain shower. "IT'S JUST WATER, DAMMIT!" :kiss:
  14. Vince would fire the rain.
  15. :finger:
  16. Open stadiums suck so hard though. Weather has potential to ruin everything anyway, and the atmosphere is just sucked out of the show.
  17. But they look freakin awesome during sunlight (for example last year whc match)
  18. This. Mania 23 was the last building wasn't it?
  19. Cant stand open stadiums. Also how bad must the view be in the nose bleeds?
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