Vince Doesn't See Money In Daniel Bryan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 28, 2013.

  2. Vince just can't grow a beard! :pipebomb:
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  3. Vince McMahon is such a prick. He seems to have belief that everyone thinks the same way as him which irritates me so much. How can he possibly believe that Daniel Bryan isn't going to make money when he gets some of the best crowd reactions on the entire roster and his merchandise is extremely fucking popular.
  4. God dammit, Vince. Thankfully, soon enough he won't be running that company with full control.
  5. I'm guessing the individual in question is Daniel Bryan. I can see Michaels having a conversation with Vince about him considering he helped train him and told officials for years that he had the talent to make it in the WWE. Honestly though, Bryan can get reactions and sell merchandise but that isn't quite the same as selling PPVs. The latter is still yet to be determined.

    To be fair though, maybe Vince and Michaels were talking about Dolph Ziggler or something. I can almost swear Michaels has given him praise as well. I could more realistically see Vince doubting him as a major money maker than Bryan.
  6. Well, if it's about DB, I'm really not surprised. We already know he's got this mindset.
  7. I'm gonna play devil's advicate here. Look at the ratings of D-Bry segments...uhh they aren't to great, his the Raw main event he had with Orton got a 2.92, which is one of the worst in long time. Of course it isn't all Bryan's fault, they were up against the Stanley Cup Finals but still....a 2.92 for the main event, those are really bad numbers.
  8. I can buy that Vince would know a lot more than we would about stuff like this... but if Daniel Bryan isn't a draw, what is a draw?

    If you wanted to say generic characterless indy wrestler D-Bry that was US Champion wasn't a draw, I'll give you that. But not now. Everyone loves this guy.
  9. Naturally. The guy has had a career of being pushed and depushed etc. WWE had a tremendous amount of faith in CM Punk, and gave him the longest reign in the modern era, but at the beginning of that he was not a draw. Simple as that. His segments were poorly rated, and other than merchandise nothing was really happening under CM Punk. But WWE decided not to care about that and have that faith in him, and now look: CM Punk is a draw, he's a top name (still behind Cena ofc), and they have required his attendance at numerous SmackDown tours now just to sell tickets. He is a tool for WWE to make money, and that's what Daniel Bryan can become if WWE had that same faith.
  10. Bryan isn't money? Well, he's one of the guy that entertains the most imo. When he comes out, almost every single person in the crowd start screaming his popular :yes: or :no:. If Vince can't see that it's because he's an old man and needs to retire.
  11. I'm going to have to agree with Lockard's thought here. I have a feeling this person in question is Ziggler. Say what you will about the way they've utilized DB, but he had a decent WHC reign and picked up a few victories along the way. Looking at Ziggler's two "reigns" he never beat anyone and quickly lost the title after winning it. If Vince didn't see money in DB, there's no way he'd let him close RAW while having a healthy Cena, Lesnar, and Punk at his disposal.
  12. Also this:

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  13. "[Vince McMahon]'s big on DB."

    This made my day :yay: :yes: :fap:

    Also, lol dirtsheets strike again. Imagine if it was Meltzer who wrote this "report" :dawg:
  14. About DB being Brie Bella's boyfriend, wasn't Cena dating Brie at one point? :lmao:
  15. Cena is dating Nikki. Bryan has been dating Brie since they both entered the company in 2009 roughly.
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  16. Well, very glad Vince believes the guy then (again, we have to take this stuff with a grain of salt but I'll comment for what it's worth), awesome. Curious about who the guy is though.
  17. Update:

  18. I posted this 4 posts above, lol.
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  19. It was :dawg: F4WOnline's his website
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  20. Clearly I am going blind.
    Did some scooping and the guys who fit the height and weight Shawn threw out is one of the Usos and Axel. They are the guys closest to it.
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