Vince "Furious" with Staff.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Make of it what you will.

    Is it just me that rofl's when thinking about Vince turning up at a big event, waits for photographs, :alone:.
  2. Vince is always angry he needs to chill
  3. Man I wish Vince heard those exact words from one of the crew members. I wonder what his reaciton would be.

    Crew: "Chill bro"
    Vince: :annoyed::annoyed::annoyed::annoyed:
  4. [yt][/yt]
  5. Scripting everything didn't seem to be a problem 11-12 years ago, when ratings were spiked.

    Vince's infatuation with media coverage has ballooned as opposed to 12 years ago well.

    To think, once upon time, we all thought Vince was simply a ring/play-by-play announcer... he's now our version of Howard Hughes
  6. The first sentence in that report made me instantly think about our WWE Bot, lulz. :burns:
  7. Always complaining about everything... Vince does need to chill out, sounds like a kid. Bitching just because no one photographed him.
  8. Well don't step into shit vince:pity:
  9. So why didn't he, you know, tell them to show up and photograph him?
  10. He's the owner of the business he has every right to be angry if the staff aren't doing their jobs properly.
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