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  1. Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad is currently working on a drama for CBS that could potentially be really good. It's going to be a detective drama, I know we have enough of those but I'm pretty interested to see his take on one. The show is called "Battle Creek" he apparently developed the idea around 10 years ago; Gilligan is teaming up with "House M.D" Creator (A well received show, personally I enjoyed it), David Shore for this show.. Recently Josh Duhamel, who has appeared in the Transformers movies as William Lennox one of the more prominent military personnel in the movies, has signed on to be a castmember which is most likely going to be the lead role. This adds to a cast that includes; Kal Penn (Kumar from the Harold & Kumar movies), Dean Winters (30 Rock as Dennis Duffy, Law & Order: SVU, Oz) and a few others. The show is set for the 2014-2015 season and has been ordered for 13 episodes.

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    Kal Penn visited the real Battle Creek Police Dept. for some character training for the show.
  3. Looking forward to this show. House was a pretty good show for the few episodes that I've seen.
  4. I too have only seen random episodes of House here and there but I liked it a lot from the stuff I did see, gotta figure with Gilligan & Shore at the helm it will be one helluva cop drama, hopefully it doesn't disappoint could use something different other than Law & Order, CSI and NCIS.
  5. Reminds me, I gotta watch True Detective. :dawg:

    Also, I'm not too huge on CSI, Law and Order, NCIS, etc.

    Only shows similar to those that I have watched are Criminal Minds and The First 48 - which I enjoy.
  6. I have every season of, both, House, M.D. and Breaking Bad on DVD and I love them, 2 of my favorite series ever... but I am weary of this show because it's on CBS. They will not have very much wiggle room as far as the content the show can have.. violence will be minimal, language minimal, all "controversial" subject matter at a minimal. Now, don't get me wrong... language, violence, drugs, and sex don't make a show.. but the reality is in a detective show they have to be involved in it and most likely heavily. If this were on AMC, A&E, HBO, or Cinemax I would be very excited. I am hoping they allow them to push the boundaries some... but I doubt it. I will watch and see... I hope they prove me wrong.
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    Ahh Criminal minds I was forgetting one :emoji_slight_smile: I liked that show a lot when it first started.. this is my favorite episode;
    ^ Does this Satanic Cult Leader look familiar to you :jesse:

    Yeah idk I've been watching them for awhile, mostly Law & Order: SVU & NCIS the others I could care less about. Haven't been able to watch much of True Detective yet; was supposed to watch it with a bromigo but he is on a 2 week spring break.
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  8. That's actually the first Criminal Minds episode I saw. Didn't know him back then, but know him now. :jesse:
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  9. Not something I usually say this about but; Small world! lol that was the same first episode I watched as well.
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  10. Solid points, idk I think they can get the job done successfully if executed properly, I hope CBS lets them explore new boundaries; I really don't think it could kill CBS to get a bit more creative :emoji_slight_smile:.
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  11. I so need to see that Aaron Paul Criminal Minds episode now. Anyway, I'll check this out despite the fact that it doesn't really seem that appealing to me. However, Vince Gilligan's episodes on the X-Files tended to be my favorites & everyone here already raves about how good Breaking Bad is, so I think he's earned the benefit of the doubt. & just to give this post a book ending, Aaron Paul was also on an episode of the X-Files (as was Bryan Cranston, haven't seen it yet but his role on that episode is why he got the role of Walter White [Gilligan showed AMC executives that episode and it convinced them that he was the right call for the role], Paul's episode was . . . far less influential on his career to say the least).
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  12. I've seen both X-Files episodes actually; I recognized Bryan Cranston because of Malcolm in the Middle but not Aaron Paul; I may have to go back and scout that episode :emoji_slight_smile:. I know I've seen it because I literally watched every episode of that show!
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  13. I was reading up a little bit about the X-Files/Breaking Bad connection; he put some subtle items that crossed over from X-Files into Breaking Bad..
    In total he hired 10 actors that he worked with on the show X-Files: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris (Hank) and the guy who played Tuco are the most noticeable names. He knew he had the right man to play Walter White in Cranston after his episode in the X-Files because Gilligan felt that Cranston could really humanize that kind of role (in X-Files his character is suffering from a major illness as well).
  14. It was during the Doggett seasons I know that much. & I know Bryan Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle too. Malcolm in the Middle is one of my favorite comedies & Hal was probably the best part of that. & (I don't feel like quoting both posts) knew Dean Norris was on it but Tuco was too? I'll have to keep an eye out for him. I've seen a bunch of X-Files episodes from different seasons but I've never seen the full show all the way through so I'm doing that as I'm watching Supernatural. Though I'm giving a lot more attention to Supernatural as so far, it's a much better show (though I still don't think they've reached the heights of Beyond the Sea).

  15. I see a pentagram and Lucifer's all seeing eye. Instant-like
  16. I know quite a few people that are "mad" at Gilligan for "borrowing" a decent amount of stories/angles from the legendary The Shield. I'm not mad.
  17. Like what? I'm a huge fan of both, and if you wanted to, you can easily draw parallels between the two shows (they're both dramas centered around a protagonist who lives a life of crime and constantly has to stay one step ahead of the law, etc.), but I don't see any specific storyline that was borrowed. I suppose the Walt/Jesse relationship somewhat mirrors that of Vic and Shane's relationship, in the sense that Shane was always fucking up and Vic was always having to clean up after him (just as Walt so often had to do with Jesse), but that's about it.
  18. ** SPOILERS **

    Jesse = Shane. The character arc is there: enigmatic sidekick; both are under the thumb of manipulative women (they also bear a resemblance) in the early seasons of both shows; drug addicts; Vic comes to the rescue of Shane (against the Armenians), Walt comes to the rescue of Jesse. These secondary characters become the main characters’ primary foes. Breaking Bad obviously ends it on a far more positive note.

    The family dynamics of the main characters are quite similar. Both have emotionally/physically challenged children. These are either used as a tool to keep these characters oblivious or to gain sympathy from the audience. Both wives start and end in similar situations.

    The germs of these ideas are contained in The Shield:

    • Colored drugs
    • Walking naked through convenient store
    • ‘'Money train’' is one of the bigger action sequences in The Shield. It is the term for an Armenian money laundering operation. In Breaking Bad, they quite literally fleece a train in one of the larger choreographed action sequences.
    • The way the money is stashed and moved.
    • The idea of going off the grid. Pretty much all the main characters in both shows entertain the idea. We see the process play out.

    These are things I picked up without even trying. There are many parallels in their rhythms.
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