Vince Gilligan On Breaking Bad Ending

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lockard 23, May 15, 2013.

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    Feel free to read that long ass interview if you want. I have simply quoted the main highlight at the end of it.

    If he means what I think he means, it's the sort of ending I've predicted all along... Which is that Walt dies, ends up in prison or ends on the run all alone as a fugitive with nothing to keep him company except for the returning cancer that will soon kill him with no friends or family there to comfort him as it does (ironic since it was the reason he got into the whole meth business to provide for his family in the first place) BUT it will also be proven that Walt is/was the king of the Blue Crystal Meth and so the world will finally know his brilliance and what a genius he was. More people will know about him probably than know about Gretchen and Elliot and Grey Matter. That will be the 'victory' in his eyes. Also, when it all comes down to it, he may take all the credit for it all and leave Jesse out of it, allowing Jesse to escape and live a normal life again.
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    I think the ending is going to be Walt's whole world crumbles around him, everyone (not exactly everyone but people that matter) dies, and he kills Hank, upon doing so realises what a monster he has become, spends the rest of his life in prison meaning everybody knows he is the greatest meth cook ever, giving Walter a slight victory, but I think Walt's whole world will crumble, just not sure how it would be done.
  3. it's probably option C, although id kill for jesse to give him option A
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    I always thought it would have been the ultimate tragic scene for Walt to kill Jesse for some reason. At this point, it's not likely (who else could Walt be coming back to Albuquerque for?) but that could have been something.
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