Vince happy with YT numbers.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Miz owns.
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  2. Santino is probably a bigger draw than Miz tbh. Idk why he's over, but he is super over
  3. think what would happen if they had actually built towards that match with a feud instead of it being random as hell
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  4. Noooo. Being over in a crowd doesn't equal a draw, Punk is the perfect example of that.
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  5. What other evidence is there besides crowd reactions to determine that Miz is a draw? I think Santino is technically more over than he is at this point.
  6. During his championship run he drew in almost every segment he was in significantly. Sure you can put this on feuding with Cena but he's never lost a significant amount of viewers in his reigns.

    Also, Miz is a star. Not just a WWE star, he's a reality star. He can go on any talk show he wants. He has a ton of twitter followers, he's a celebrity. Miz is the most over heel in WWE, maybe Brock Lesnar is on par with him now. He drew this week in a segment which dominantly loses viewers, in a Brodus Clay squash match. What more evidence is there? The guy is a draw, people care about some cocky idiot like Miz getting the hell kicked out of him.

    Santino is over, but he's not Miz over. Santino can still come out to very little reaction, he just gets huge pops when he wins, like Ryder does.
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  7. Didn't WWE blame him for the disappointing Survivor Series buyrate?
  8. That's just #wwelogic. Cena and Rock never do wrong so of course Miz and Truth gets the blame.
  9. I totally agree. I'm not the biggest fan of the Miz but I have to admire the fact that he is as you say the most over heel that wrestles full time at the moment. That is incredible considering he barely gets any TV time, and is being totally buried. As much as I like him I must admit it's easier for Brock to get over because he's associated with John Lauriniatis who's a heat magnet.
  10. So then, is YouTube the revolution they're talking about?:matt:

  11. He should be. Numbers were very high.
  12. Yeah didn't Miz draw like at least 50 000 viewers in the first three minutes alone?
  13. WWE only blamed The Miz for the poor SS numbers, because of course, they couldn't pin the blame on Cena or Rock, right?

    You know, Cena, the guy everyone loves to see.
    And blaming it on Rock would just be preposterous as Rock is a proven draw.

    Maybe it was to do with the fact no one gave a monkey's about the match, it was built terribly and everyone HATES to see opponents tagging together.
  14. Yah somewhere around that number.
  15. What were the numbers anyway?
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  16. Very high. When I was watching it I was shocked at how high it was.
  17. Yeah insanely high numbers.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Insanely high? Like what? Mike. or Bob VD? Gimme something relevant or at least in perchents, ffs.
  20. I did think that they were going to continue with this youtube pre show thing, I like it.
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